A Hundred Years Later

Rev. Dr. Thomas DeWitt TalmageThe first century or so of America’s life saw the rise of a great number of very wise men and women who helped shape the character of the nation.

One of these wise men was one of the most prominent religious leaders in the United States at the time, Rev. Dr. Thomas Talmage, whose sermons were published in more than 3,000 journals, reaching in excess of 25 million readers.

One great gem of wisdom from Talmage was:

The American of 100 years from now is to be different from the American of today. German brain, Irish wit, French civility, Scotch firmness, English loyalty, Italian aesthetics, packed into one man, and he an American! It is this intermarriage of nationalities that is going to make the American nation the greatest nation of the ages.

— Rev. Dr. Talmage
“Before They Adjourn” (1896)

Sadly for us, this wisdom has been lost and assimilation in America is now deprecated by large swaths of the residents of our country. The Liberals and Progressives do not tolerate it, preferring to have foreigners stay foreign for generation after generation.

Then there is the relatively new problem of the “Black Community,” whose members, upon reading such wisdom, would rant,“Them’s all be White People! America is racist!”

Rev. Dr. Talmage described the America of his future. A hundred years later we’re living the consequences of his having been wrong due to his overly optimistic view of his countrymen and their progeny.

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