Unheard Of Good News

Good news is mostly unheard of, the MSM rarely being able to profit from it, but the most unheard of good news is comprised of anything that undermines their agenda for America. As much of their current agenda is the disarmament of the American people – at least the White, law-abiding ones – the national news media doesn’t cover stories where a good person with a gun stopped and bad one with one.

First, the Leftist MSM at the national level refused to report on the December 16, 2012 attempted spree killing in a San Antonia movie theater where one Jesus Manuel Garcia went to a local theater and started shooting a the patrons, only to be put down by gunfire from off-duty police officer Sgt. Lisa Castellano. Despite it being only two days after the Sandy Hook Massacre and its similarity to the Aurora Massacre, the MSM didn’t find it “newsworthy.”

Now the national media is remaining silent on home invasion in Loganville, GA where a 37 year-old of 9 year-old twin boys shot a thug five times after the vermin broke into their home and tracked her and her children to the attic where they had hidden. Again, this story won’t be considered appropriate for the American audience as a whole.

Firearms Saved Lives

This is the MSM’s first problem with such stories. They involved good, law-abiding Americans using firearms to save lives and remove of threat to themselves and society. Such stories lend a counterweight to the ongoing Liberal and Progressive incessant clamoring for the disarmament of the American people. Hence, such news is not fit to print as far as the MSM propaganda outlets are concerned.

Race Matters. Race Always Matters

One must remember also that race is of paramount importance to the MSM and, hence, the race of the attacker and the victims is a primary metric for whether or not any story will be given nation attention by the Leftist media. The race mix must be certain criteria else the story will be firmly buried under a cloak of silence.

The attacker in any mass killing or attempted mass killing must be either White or Asian, much preferably White. The victims can be of any race but it is also preferred by the MSM if they’re White as well – unless they can concoct a White-on-Brown racial hate-crime out of the incident, e.g., the White then “White Hispanic” George Zimmerman’s using lethal force against the BlackTrayvon Martin or any of the 5000+ Black firearm-related homicide victims per year, 90%+ of which were murdered by other Blacks (approx. 85%) or by Hispanics, whom the MSM doesn’t want to talk about.

In the case of the San Antonio attempted mass murder the perp was Jesus Manuel Garcia, a 19 year-old Hispanic and the off-duty officer, Sgt. Lisa Castellano has the name and appearance of also being Hispanic. A Hispanic spree killer stopped cold by another Hispanic is impossible for the MSM to make a story of without violating their racial criteria.

In the more recent case of the home invasion in Loganville, GA, the home invader was a Black habitual violent offender, Paul Slater and the woman who shot him in defense of her person, her two children, and her property, Mrs. Herman, was White. The MSM is never going to give much attention to a Black felon invading the home of a White family, especially a Southern one, with robbery, rape, and/or murder on his mind, no matter what the outcome of the crime is. In case where the the Black thug got shot by the White woman the MSM is always going to do their best to bury the story because Whites successfully defending themselves from Black-on-White violence is the only thing more avoided by the MSM than Whites failing to defend themselves from Black-on-White violence.


It’s a simple fact that, until we enact a pogrom against the traitors in the MSM and burn out and cut away the filth therein, Americans are never going to hear any good news from almost all the major news media outlets because such news would not reinforce the manufactured validity of the nation, society, and culture they’re striving to bring into existence.

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4 Responses to “Unheard Of Good News”

  1. Alfie Says:

    good points as usual. the media has an agenda. I imagine there are those who would stress that the TX case involved a police officer,I’d counter that it was in a city. There is a balancing act there even in Texas.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Thanks, Alfie, and yes, there are those that would stress that it was a off-duty cop that ended Garcia’s spree before it had really begun…and they’d not be totally wrong in doing so.

    Doesn’t that make the MSM’s silence even more pernicious though? It was a cop, as some would stress, and yet they shutdown the story anyway.

  3. Alfie Says:

    Yes indeed but, then again, the groupthink agenda of the left and its media allies is something to behold.

  4. jonolan Says:

    Isn’t it though.

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