The Giant Slayer

Never in the history of human endeavor and achievement have so many owed so much to so few for so little. Nor has such a debt ever consisted so close to solely of black debt, the debt of punishments and reprisals owed.

Barack The Giant Slayer
Barack The Giant Slayer

Yep, it sound like the perfect treatment for a “new” Hollywood blockbuster remake of an old classic. Somehow, however, I think it’s one that Michael Moore will never, ever create. Then again, he might. He’d just cast Obama as a true and righteous hero, destroying the evil American economy through nothing more than his ability to jive.

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  1. FX Phillips Says:

    But don’t you know they are so much wiser than us proles.

    It is written in their holy books and publications and promulgated by St Karl, St Woodrow, St Franklin and built on the blood of martyrs like Mary Jo Kopechne who gave her life to turn the beatified soon to be sanctified St Ted to a life of liberal hackdom. Almost a Saul on the Road to Damascus moment except Ted’s was a little more off road if you will.

    They are informed by their own brilliance and ‘caring’. Of course what is never really spelled out is the only thing they care about is the satisfaction of their disturbing moral vanity.

    Sorry for the heavy religiosity. But when one has a Pope named after him he can get a little uppity.

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