An Ethics Violation?

No Christian CrossIt’s a sick, evil thing when faith and the casual expression thereof becomes an actionable offense. Yet this is becoming more and more the case, at least when that faith and its expression are of the normative, Christian variety.

According to U.S. Bank in Walton, KY being a Christian and not hiding the light of your faith under a bushel of political correctness and silence is an Ethics Violation and cause for termination.

It does not bode well for America’s future that we, as a people, have allowed this sort of persecution of America’s religion to be considered acceptable in any way shape or form.

A former Northern Kentucky bank teller claims she was fired from her job for telling customer to “Have a blessed day.”

“I say ‘have a blessed day’ all of the time,” says Polly Neace. “I don’t think there’s any better kind of day you can have than a blessed day.”

Neace filed a lawsuit against U.S. Bank claiming she was discriminated against for her religious beliefs.

Neace clams after years of saying “Have a blessed day” to customers, she was reprimanded in March 2011.

In a Code of Ethics violation, US Bank states several customers complained when Neace said, “Have a blessed day.”


That Code of Ethics Violation warns Neace that “effective immediately you will no longer discuss the subject of faith or religion with customers and co-workers alike.”

“I was upset with the fact they were stifling me and not allowing me to act on my beliefs,” Neace says.

Neace admits she was reprimanded again a few months later.

“A customer went through the drive thru and I waited on them. She said, ‘God bless you.’ I said, ‘Thank you, God bless you too,” says Neace.

And then, after complaining about a situation at the bank, Neace claims she jokingly told a manager she might as well go back to saying, “Have a blessed day” and be fired.

The next day, Neace was fired.

In many ways this is far, far worse than A&E’s short-lived assault upon Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson. They were just kowtowing to a segment of what they thought were their audience whereas U.S. Bank has instituted a policy by which to persecute Christians.

Polly Neace - An American Martyr
Polly Neace – An American Martyr

Do not mistake me. Neace did also, according to the Ethics Violation, reprimand a bank customer for blaspheming and talk to that customer about salvation, and that seems to be solid grounds for a reprimand. However, the rest of what led to her termination is nothing but religious persecution and bigotry.

Be absolutely assured that, if Nease was a Muslim and interjected Islamic phrases into normal conversation as is their wont, things would be quite different. The bank would dare reprimand or terminate a Muslim for being a Muslim because that would violate their “Civil Rights.” Indeed, if a Muslim employee chastised a customer for blaspheming Allah, it would be the customer that the bank would declare to be in the wrong.

It’s a sad time when being a Christian becomes an ethics violation. It’s fairly worrisome for me as well because I’m not Christian and, if America’s enemies can successfully persecute the Christian majority, me and mine, mere statistical outliers, are very much at risk.

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  1. Buffet Says:

    Sounds as if it might be time for a holy war?
    Onward Christian soldiers.
    I am God’s John Rambo.

    P.S. I live in Kentucky.

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