Past Mistakes

It’s amazing how the Liberals and Progressives living within America’s borders refuse to learn from history or to allow others to do so. Their ethnoguiltism, hatred for American culture, and rampant oikophobia are such that they cannot respond sanely to many issues.

Nor can they respond consistently to those same issues. For example, the Liberals and Progressives loath and hate the pilgrims’ colonization of America and always seek to frame it in terms of conquest and the rape and destruction of the Native Americans’ culture.

Pilgrims - Illegal Immigrants
Oh How The World Would Have Been Changed…
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Yet they loath and hate Americans who have learned from the Native Americans’ past mistakes of allowing immigrants who refused to assimilate to survive and to colonize America.

They’re funny that way, or would be if Americans weren’t so tolerant of them that we’ve allowed them to have some measure of input into our nation’s actions.

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2 Responses to “Past Mistakes”

  1. Paradigm Says:

    One might even say that immigration without assimilation is the same thing as colonization.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Insofar as I can discern, Paradigm, they’re one and the same. Look at La Raza and their various subsidiaries such as LaMecha; they’re nothing but a colonial effort. Or look at the Muslims in Europe, especially France – or the Muslims in parts of the US such as Dearborn, MI.

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