Occupy The Screenplay

It’s abundantly clear the slackers of the OWS rabble need to both rethink their methodology and actually come up with an agenda.

They’ll have to come up with their agenda on their own, but I’d suggest that they use the media instead of ranting about its portrayal of their ilk. Hollywood has, after all, always been the big ticket propaganda outlet and they love a timely idea.

Nosferatu - Occupy Movement - Eat The Rich
Proposed #OccupyWallSt Promo Poster

Perhaps they could get Michael Moore and M. Night Shyamalan to collaborate on the screenplay. Both have a long history of producing underwhelming dark, dystopian fantasy flicks.

Alternatively, they could try for a stage play and take advantage of the well-heeled, Liberal Off Broadway crowd. Perhaps they could even later approach the International Management Group (IMG) about a tour of Slackers On Ice. 😆

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2 Responses to “Occupy The Screenplay”

  1. Crystal Higgins Says:

    ROFLMAO! Maybe they could make it into a musical comedy like that one episode of Buffy.

  2. jonolan Says:

    😆 That’d be good. I can picture the theme:

    Kumbaya, there is no Lord
    Eat the Rich
    Kumbaya, there is no Lord
    Eat the Rich…

    I think a horror flick would be better though. Sort of like The Ring with some ghost commie / hippie rising up out of puddles of urine to wreak havoc.

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