Obama’s Instability

For reasons that are utterly beyond my ken many people in America keep tuning into Obama and waiting for him to do something, anything, that will at least ease the economic nightmare that most Americans have been experiencing, are experiencing, and look to continue experiencing for the foreseeable future.

Obama Instability
Please Standby – We’re Experiencing Mental Instability

Sadly for those who tune into Obama, filled with some measure of hope for a positive change in their circumstances, all they’re likely to get is a holding pattern displaying that the system is having a problem. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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4 Responses to “Obama’s Instability”

  1. Ceefour Says:

    This “president” gives The People things and this makes The People love Him. Unfortunately The People don’t have the awareness (intelligence level?) to see what He actually is and what He is doing. He will,eventually, do something really stupid and then everybody will hate Him. Praise be to Zeus.

  2. jonolan Says:

    I wish you were right but I’m pretty sure you’re wrong in this. Sooner or later the boy will get caught doing something really stupid and, rather than hate him, those that don’t do so already will just blame the GOP and “Evil White Men” instead.

    Obama’s the Teflon Negro. His people have made sure of that by framing all dissent against anything he does or fails to do as being racist.

  3. Alan Scott Says:


    The man has gotten away with so much failure so far. It is hard to think of anything he could do that would make the country turn on him. Remember Clinton’s little escapades? It did not matter in the end. A Democrat President can get away with all things. A Republican or a Libertarian have to be practically perfect.

  4. jonolan Says:

    True, the Democrats are better at that part of realpolitik than we Americans are. They’re much better at ignoring the failures of their own figureheads and not holding them to standards if doing so would hurt their overall strategy and ideology.

    Oddly in way but not so in other ways, they don’t extend such lenience to their own rank and file groundlings. They’re held to a strict policy of total compliance.

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