Distrusting Americans

It’s long been surmised that the Liberals dislike and distrust America and Americans. For last couple of decades they’ve developed an quasi-exilic philosophy when it comes to the nation they live within and people they reside among. It has always seemed that they seek government intervention because of their belief that Americans are inherently wrong or evil and that they can’t ever be trusted to do the right thing unless they are forced to do so.

Now we have some strong evidence that our surmisation was not too far off base.

A tax cut is non-targeted. If you put a tax cut into the hands of either a business of an individual today, there is no guarantee they’re gonna invest their money. There’s no guarantee they’re gonna invest their money in the United States. They’re free to go to invest anywhere that they want, if they choose to invest… The fact is, none of those people are guaranteed to invest that money in any of the new projects that we are… So government, yes government, has the ability to make a decision that the private sector won’t necessarily make today.

— Sen. John Kerry (D-MA)
Testimony Before the US Senate

Senator John Kerry, the Liberals poster boy now that John Edwards disgraced himself, eloquently summed up the Liberals’ view of Americans. They don’t trust us and believe that they’re right not to do so since we might not invest our money in their projects.

The Liberals – so perfectly personified by Sen. Kerry – find it impossible to believe that Americans would invest their money even remotely wisely, or even within the US it seems. They certainly seem sure that Americans would invest their money in the projects that the Liberals are developing and championing. In their minds, we must all be forced to fund their efforts – for the good of the nation of course.

One doesn’t have to wonder too much about why they feel this distrust towards Americans. The Liberals aren’t stupid; they know that many or most of those programs that they want wouldn’t receive voluntary investment because they don’t work. If people are allowed to retain the freedom to use their money as they see fit, most of the things that Kerry and the Liberals want to do would die off due to lack of funding. That is because capitalism and a free market only invests in projects that offer some chance of a return, whether it be monetary or ephemeral.

Make no bones about it; it’s Americans’ freedom that these Liberals despise. They do not believe that Americans can be trusted with their own freedom or money.

Liberal politicians and their followers rant about failed policies and theories of the past,” but they seem to have no qualms about demanding that Americans accept, condone, and endorse policies and theories based upon State Socialism, which is a political-economic model that was proved to be a failure by both the collapse of the Soviet Union (USSR) and China’s (PRC) adoption of capitalistic economics.

It’s really no wonder that Sen. Kerry and the Liberals distrust Americans; they and us have very different views of America.

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2 Responses to “Distrusting Americans”

  1. gnomestrath Says:

    “It’s long been surmised that the Liberals dislike and distrust America and Americans. ”

    Are you saying that people who live in America, who were born there and have Liberal views are not American? Americans are Americans and some of them are Liberals. In fact at the last election perhaps more than half?

    The arguement here inevitably leads to the conclusion that the non-Liberal view is that Government (whether it be Federal or State) should not invest in activities such as childrens education, roads, street lighting, public libraries etc.

    You simply cannot have a half way house here – either you require government to be a classic night watchman defending the state against outside aggression only or you accept that government has to invest in some projects that capitalism would not support which makes it Liberal.

    This is the current problem of the GOP – actually they recognise the need for government investments in certain areas their mental breakdown occurs because they know this is actually supporting some Liberal policies.

    Actually compared to some Democratic countries policies followed in American are generally quite Liberal and not that much different from much of Europe.

    With all due respect you need to differentiate between the State Socialism which has failed and the Liberal democratic policies of many other nations which has not.

    May I humbly suggest you read some of the work of John Gray I think somone as thoughtful as yourself will find it interesting: quote

    To affirm that humans thrive in many different ways is not to deny that there are universal human values. Nor is it to reject the claim that there should be universal human rights. It is to deny that universal values can only be fully realized in a universal regime. Human rights can be respected in a variety of regimes, liberal and otherwise. Universal human rights are not an ideal constitution for a single regime throughout the world, but a set of minimum standards for peaceful coexistence among regimes that will always remain different.


  2. jonolan Says:

    “Are you saying that people who live in America, who were born there and have Liberal views are not American? “

    No. I am saying that those who now carry the label of Liberal – society moved the “goal posts” since I was younger – don’t trust Americans’ willingness to invest in the programs that the Liberals favor; that includes themselves.

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