You Want Jobs?

Mother and Children During the Great DepressionYou want jobs? You want companies to start hiring again and start spending their “war chests” on expansion and development? You want unemployment and “underemployment” figures to drop to more comfortable levels? If so, you’d be best served by voting the Republicans into Congress and taking both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate away from the Democrats in the upcoming Congressional Mid-Term Elections because that’s the only thing that likely to work.

The Liberals running the Democratic party’s actions over the last two years haven’t helped assuage unemployment at all. TARP, Porkulus, the Auto Bail-out, ObamaCare,  and the rest of their efforts have not even been aimed at creating jobs – with the exception of bolstering certain union jobs so their personal campaign finances stay in the black – though they’ve tried to spin things to look like they were.

The market knows this and is reacting accordingly. Corporations are sitting on over $1 Trillion in capital instead of using it to expand their production capabilities and workforce largely because Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, along with their coterie of anti-business Leftists have created such uncertainty in the market that it would be utterly foolish for corporations to commit their capital to expansion projects.

Research the market trends since January 2009; every time Obama speaks and every time some piece of his agenda looks to become law or starts being enforced the market drops.

Conversely, when Obama’s silent and stays away from the national stage the market recovers a bit. Tangentially, the same is true of Obama’s approval rating.

The neo-Socialist agenda of “Obamaism” was and is an utter failure. It will have to be quashed if America is to see a true revival and restoration of our economy, one that includes jobs for Americans. That means voting out as many Democrats as is possible in the upcoming 2010 Congressional Mid-Term elections.

Vote enough Republicans into office in the House and Senate to “geld” Obama and the American corporations will almost immediately start using their over $1 Trillion in “war chests.” They know, and the Liberals incessantly bemoan, that the GOP is pro-Business. Since business is the only thing that can drive employment and those businesses know who their friends and enemies are, electing Republicans to Congress will de facto create jobs and lower unemployment.

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2 Responses to “You Want Jobs?”

  1. zhann Says:

    As you stated, corporations are currently sitting on ridiculous cash reserves yet they are not hiring. How does changing parties have any effect on this? What bothers me is the ridiculous notion that lowering corporate taxes encourages job growth because it frees up corporate wealth, so corporations will expand into new markets with their freed up earnings. As you have already pointed out, this is completely flawed logic. In reality, all it does is ensure that the corporate leaders get better paychecks with absolutely no effect on low paying jobs.

    More to the point, the current stock piling of cash by corporations is due to a multitude of reasons, not least of which is tomorrows uncertainty. Until the global economy stabilizes, the rich will continue to hoard wealth, unwilling to take risks. Here you can feasibly argue that a change in guards would ease the corporate mindset, but that is more a cop out … similar to blaming Americas problems on poor decisions made by Obama (which coincidentally are primarily an extension of the Bush administrations policies for the most part). Until the global economy stabilizes, which is far beyond the power of the US or any administration, corporations will continue to hoard wealth. The real problem, that I see, is that we are allowing this.

    The political party in charge has about as much effect on the outcome of the political crisis as the color of your car has on its ability to get you to work (assuming you have a job to go to). The political parties are a sham in every which way, they are one organization polarizing the public. I hate to be so cynical, but aside from the rhetoric policies never substantially change between administrations. Do you really think Obama is in charge of America?

    If you want real change, do NOT vote Republican OR Democrat.

  2. jonolan Says:


    It’s not even necessary for the GOP to do anything for the corporations to start spending more; being elected will be enough in the short-term. As sick and twisted as that may sound to you, it’s true. It was true in the past and it will be true in the future.

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