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When Gods Fall

Posted in 2012 Election, Politics on August 20th, 2012

Really, Newsweek? Newsweek!?! What happened? Did the Campaigner-in-Chief’s spending issues force him to miss a “payment?” I really can’t believe your rag, of all the Leftist lie purveyors, has turned against your precious Black Messiah.

Obama - God Of All Things
Obama – Once The God Of All Things

Back in November, 2010 Newsweek depicted Obama as a God, specifically Shiva, in their Obama apologetics piece in which they strove to excuse his failures by stating that the job of POTUS had grown so large that not even a God, such as Obama, could perform it anymore.

It’s apropos that they depicted Obama as Shiva, the Hindu’s God of Destruction, with his left raised to smash something – America? – out of existence. I wonder if they realized the significance.

Things have obviously changed though. Either Obama and DNC haven’t kept up with their payments to Newsweek, the Obama Regime’s ongoing attack on a free press has finally pissed off even Newsweek, or the rag’s leadership has had a crisis of faith.

In any event, their god, Obama has fallen and when gods fall it’s a messy business filled with much bitterness and disillusionment. This is clearly – blatantly, even – evident in their latest cover and cover story. It’s a straight-up call for Obama’s removal from office.

Barack's Gotta Go - Hit The Road, Barack
Now It’s Hit The Road, Barack!

It’s not surprising that Niall Ferguson, a former adviser to Sen. John McCain, wrote an article that boldly pointed out Obama’s lies and failures. It is, however, shocking in the extreme that Newsweek not only published it but ran it as their August, 2012 cover story.

Obviously, Obama The Destroyer has stumbled, stepped on his own feet of clay, and brought himself to ruin.

Some Slight Defense

Posted in 2012 Election, Politics on August 18th, 2012

As all Americans know, the Lamestream Media is strongly biased against us and any politician we might strive to elect to office. They’ve been the enemy of the American people for decades.

Their narrative is simple: Americans are vile, vicious, and cruel; Liberals and Progressives are kind, inclusive, and caring; and the minorities are the everlasting victims of the American people.

Media Narrative Explained
Explaining The Media Narrative

How they’ve chosen to portray Joe Biden and Paul Ryan respectively is a perfect example of this. That perfect example, however, also provides them some slight defense for their bias and their perfidy because they are not free agents in this matter. The Obama Regime does not believe in or tolerate a free press.

And, as Obama tries to shuck and jive his way into being given another chance, the White House’s demands to control all of the message grow ever more strident and tyrannical. More and more they throw the provisions and restriction of our Constitution into the gutter in order, in the words of Valerie Jarrett, to “really take power and begin to rule.”

It has been months since Obama took any questions from the White House Press Corps. In fact, that situation has degenerated to the point when even MSNBC, who might as well be officially part of his campaign staff, is questioning it. That is an odd thing since the Obama Regime has developed the habit of requiring the White House Press Corps to submit drafts of their stories for review, editing, and approval to Obama’s campaign staff before they are run or disseminated.

Obama’s campaign takes even more despotic measures to protect itself from harm when it comes to anything that Joe Biden might jabber in front of the press. They are actively editing the drafts of pool reports before allowing them to be shared with the media at large.

Of course, my sympathies are somewhat limited since there’s nothing that the Obama Regime is doing that is forcing the Lamestream Media to go far against the proclivities. Still, as much as it pains me to say it, the Obama Regime’s attempted destruction of a free press does provide the media with some slight defense for their actions as they relate to Campaigner-in-Chief, his coterie, and the current situation.


Remember always that, if the First Amendment were to be destroyed by some despot, it would be necessary for a People desirous of Liberty to apply the Second Amendment without restraint or mercy to the tyrants and all their kin unto the least babe.

Obama’s Niggerization?

Posted in 2012 Election, Society on August 17th, 2012

ToureSome things, while not hard to believe due to the devolution of the media and society in general, don’t sit well with me or any other red-blooded American. One of these things is MSNBC’s guest / pet blacktivist filth, Touré publicly accusing Republican Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney of engaging in the “Niggerization” of Obama.

Still, consider the venue and source’s worth…

On Thursday, Auguest 16, 2012 the panel of MSNBC’s “The Cycle” picked apart Mitt Romney’s claim that President Obama should “take his campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago.” Touré, part of the panel decided that this was a good time to engage in race-baiting, hate-mongering, and racial politics, i.e., he though it was a good time for some home in the ghetto blacktivism.

That really bothered me. You notice he said anger twice. He’s really trying to use racial coding and access some really deep stereotypes about the angry black man. This is part of the playbook against Obama, the “otherization,” he’s not like us.”

I know it’s a heavy thing, I don’t say it lightly, but this is “niggerization.” You are not one of us, you are like the scary black man who we’ve been trained to fear.

You’ve got to give this misborn piece of shit a certain amount of credit though. The “Angry Black Man” is one of the most effective pieces of propaganda that the “Black Community” ever invented. It lets them jabber, hoot, and rant and to engage in any violent, hate-filled, antisocial behavior that they wish to and then cry “racism!” when they’re called on it by their betters, the American people.

NOTE: Americans come in all colors. It’s just that filthy, worthless apes like Touré call the Black ones: Oreo, Uncle Tom, Sell Out, Race Traitor, or House Nigger.

But, all that aside, what this really is is Touré’s bald-faced and rather pathetic attempt at the “Klanification” of Mitt Romney, the GOP, and the true American people. most of whom happen to be White.

And, of course, this is exactly how Obama and the Democrats want and need it to be. It’s also how Touré’s needs it to be because hate-mongering and race baiting is how he pays his rent and we’ve been taught about his sort before.

There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.

— Booker T. Washington
My Larger Education: Being Chapters From My Experience

As I said, consider the venue and source’s worth or lack of it when reading or hearing their views and opinions. Do not, however, let their lack of worth, if you find it lacking, stay your hand. Even if without all other forms of merit, they and their punishment can serve as object lessons.

A Queer Turn Of Events

Posted in Politics on August 17th, 2012

Floyd Corkins - Fat, ugly, anti-Christian, anti-American, violent queetIn a queer turn of events 28 year-old Floyd Corkins, the fat, ugly faggot or pro-queer, anti-Christian, anti-American, terrorist wannabe attacked the HQ of the Family Research Council (FRC), shooting and wounding the security guard who prevented this filth’s murderous rampage.

Not that this is in the least surprising. The steadily growing trend of Liberal violence made this outrage an inevitability.

It was only a matter of time before the queers and their enablers resorted to violence against Americans, especially Christian Americans. They’re hate-filled and mendacious propaganda and the Lamestream media’s complicity in spreading it guaranteed that Corkins would act out as he did and that he’ll be only the first queer to do so.

Nor is it in the least bit surprising how the Lamestream media has (mis)handled this hate crime and terrorist assault. It doesn’t sit well with their sensibilities or fit their agenda to fairly and impartially report an incident such as this. It does, however, fit their agenda to misreport it in an egregious a manner as they think that they can get away with.

Be absolutely assured though that, if the tables were turned – and I hope and pray that they are and soon – and it a queer group or one of the Godless lawfare groups were attacked, the media would be gleeful in its attempts to attack any and all American or Christian groups for their “hateful rhetoric.”

Obama Built That

Posted in 2012 Election on August 14th, 2012

As I’ve mentioned before, Obama had little, if anything, to do with America’s recent economic meltdown. The foundations for that were laid decades ago.

Consistent 8%+ unemployment - Obama Built That
Rampant 8%+ Unemployment – Obama Built That

The boy is, however, the primary – though not sole – cause of the continued unsustainable unemployment rates in America. It is his policies and, even more so, his rhetoric of “eat the rich” and class warfare that has American businesses too scared of the near-term future to invest their warchests in expanding their businesses domestically and hiring more American workers.

Once again though, while Obama built that, he didn’t in any way that I can see architect it. He was and is nothing more than day laborer hired to pile bricks unto the back of the private sector by those individuals and groups who stood to gain from a weakened American private sector, expanded public sector, and a dependent population.

In any event, the situation will not improve – abiding by the law of change, it may well worsen – until Obama is, by one means or another, removed from office. It might not even change with any rapidity then due to how badly damaged our economy is now and how much companies have had to adapt to survive that damage.