Obama’s Not Working

It would not be truly fair to blame Obama for America’s economic woes. He didn’t build that. The boy, however, has done nothing but capitalize upon the recession to further the statism, classism, and redistributive – largely race-based – policies that his handlers and overseers desire.

Obama’s Not Working And Neither Are Too Many Americans

No! It’s been over three years and Obama’s not working. If any of his plans had worked America’s economy would be recovery in a real sense and our unemployment rate wouldn’t be so shamefully high, outpaced solely by the increase in our deficit.

The first step – and it’s only the first, small step – of America’s recovery and the rebuilding of our nation’s economic powerhouse is adding Obama to the unemployment rolls. Not that the worthless piece of misborn filth deserves any benefits since he would be, and should be, fired for cause.

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