There Can Be Peace

There Can Be Peace In Ukraine
There Can Be Peace In Ukraine

There can be peace in Ukraine. All it takes is rapprochement done right by the Ukrainian Slavs and the Russian Slavs. If they can come together in a beautiful, harmonious manner, Putin’s forces will never defeat them – though they might join them. 😉

Still though – or even more so if this tactic is used – our servicemen and women would have good cause and a better purpose in deployed to Ukraine.

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The Case For War

The Case For War In Ukraine
Both Russian And Ukrainian Women Are Gorgeous
The Case For War
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While I’m not in favor of the US entering into yet another “foreign adventure” that serves little to no point and certainly doesn’t defend or expand our People’s interests, much like Iran, there’s a solid case for war in Ukraine. Two cases actually, Russian and Ukrainian women. 😉

Just like Iran, though largely unlike both Iraq and Afghanistan, putting our troops on the ground in Ukraine to block the Russians would have some beautiful benefits to those troops and the genetic legacy of America as a whole. And, for those who are losing their minds right now, there was a reason why they passed the War Brides Act of 1945.

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