And They’re Worried?

When it comes to queer marriage my opinion on the matter is somewhat ambivalent. Within the context what America’s secular government can be allowed to monitor, broker, and/or restrain, I’m in favor of allowing homosexuals to “marry.” On the other hand, the LGBT crowd’s attempts to legislate acceptance and/or use paper terrorism to get their way.

Some of the arguments used by some of the Christians are rendered irrelevant or, at the least, trivialized by much more glaring examples of their concerns about the destruction of the sanctity of marriage. 😉

Kim Kardiashian's Marriage v. Queer Marriage
And They’re Worried About The Queers Getting Married?

Come on, folks! There are worse assault upon- and insults to the sacrament of marriage than the queers, and they’re a lot closer to home as it were.

And Christians, don’t fret that gays getting married will lead to polygamists like myself being allowed “marriage equality.” The queers threw me and mine under their rainbow bus a long time ago. Hellfire! They hate my sort even more you – because they think we’re Christians! 😆

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