Prehistoric Puke Cannons?

Prehistoric Puke Cannons?
Prehistoric Puke Cannons?

So, whether they used them or not as a defense mechanism, Brachiosauridae had lethal puke cannons! And no, Ladies and Gentlemen; this is, while funny in a sophomoric way, not truly a joke. It’s actually a plate from Dr. Anthony J. Martin’s book, Dinosaurs Without Bones.

And… “Brachiosaurus puke crater!” 😯

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Dinosaurs Of The Wild West

Dinosaurs Of The Wild West
Dinosaurs Of The Wild West

Artist and Imagineer, Shaun Keenan has given us something wonderful – a version of America’s Wild West that we never knew that we always wished for. 😀 Yes, Keenan has envisioned and drawn a Wild West full of dinosaurs.

The 19th Century We Wish We Had

Forget Ken Ham’s Creation Museum with it’s somewhat Flintstones-esque cavemen and dinosaurs; Dinosaurs of the Wild West is the sort of park I’d love to visit. Well, so long as we keep scientists under a necessary level of control… because I want exactly no part of a Jurassic ParkWest Word crossover. 😆

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Extinction Event

Yep! Extinction Events aren’t always the catastrophes that we’ve been taught. Sometimes, they’re pretty and somewhat goofy-looking pink birds… of doom.

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Proving Velociraptor

I do understand that there are some that require that scientific explanations for everything and anything in order to believe in the possibility of their existence. I also understand that there’s a subset of those devotees of scientism that require mathematic proofs before they will consent to grant that something is possible.

With this understanding I’ve decided to help the many fans of the Cretaceous dinosaur known as the Velociraptor ( Velociraptor mongoliensis & Velociraptor osmolskae) I’ve decided to provide such mathmatic proof of their existence some 71 million years ago.

Velociraptor Equation
The Velociraptor Equation

So there you go, mathmatical proof via equation that the velociraptor did in fact exist. That we haven’t yet discovered and conclusively proved the existence of the distraptor or timeraptor shouldn’t be any more of an issue for anyone than the fact that we haven’t actually proved the existence of: dark energy, dark matter, quarks, tachyons, the Higgs-Bosun particle. or the graviton. 😉

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Survival Skills

Truth be told, I’m a strong proponent of education. I’m just not a big fan of useless education or (mis)education, which is what America’s schools and, most especially, colleges seem to excel at.

The Extinct Thesaurus

Seems to me that our far too hallowed halls of “higher education” are churning out a bunch of evolutionary dead-ends that are largely lacking in basic modern survival skills.

And it’s not going to take a K-T extinction event to finish off these people either. “Edupogenic” climate change (ECC) will get them just as easily as they pursue lifestyle and career goals that are unsustainable in the modern economic climate.

Ah well, all we oh-so-loathed “no nothings” will, like the mammals of the Tertiary Period, still be here and will be, once again, ready to step in. 😉

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