Hypocrisy Over Gaza

Patrick “Pat” Condell is an Irish-born but British-raised writer, comedian and Atheist internet personality. He’s also one of the few Atheists who I have some respect for because he’s one of the few who will speak against Islam too, as opposed to the more normal Atheist behavior of only attacking Christianity.

In this instance, Mr. Condell pulls no punches in his condemnation of the Liberals’ and Progressives’ rank hypocrisy over Gaza, Hamas, and Israel.

Hypocrisy Over Gaza

Mr. Condell perfectly summed up the hypocrisy and rabid antisemitism of the Liberals and Progressives, once again insuring that he’ll be the only Atheist that they turn against.

He did something even more important though. He tacitly prescribed a cure for these filth. As the Liberals and Progressives are only willing to voice their hypocrisy and selective moralizing from a suitable safe distance, it behooves we, the People to remove that distance and safety from them. The Liberals and Progressives will be silent as soon as they’re shown by the American people that being otherwise is no longer safe for them or their kin.

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5 Responses to “Hypocrisy Over Gaza”

  1. Alan Scott Says:


    Indeed you have found something hard to find, a totally honest Atheist.

  2. jonolan Says:

    I don’t know about “totally honest,” but Condell is, at the very least, one of the very few and rare ecumenical Atheists. He’s a far and pleasant cry from the normal exemplars of that breed who are more anti-Christianity than anything else.

    Then, this is what Liberalism does. It pollutes logic by requiring that certain groups be excused and protected for little or no reason beyond that they’re different.

  3. Christopher Says:

    Mr Condell is an ignorant, racist colonialist. Mr Condell disingenuously attempts to ply that old zionist chestnut that we should not be outraged by Israhell’s 47 years of humiliating occupation of Palestine and it’s murder of women and children, it’s moral blank cheque to extradite others from sovereign lands, forge foreign passports, steal, maim and bombs because…oh yes, there are other things going on the world. What utter clap trap!
    Condell is the same sad excuse for a human being that was ever an apologist for apartheid. No more, no less. Stop zionist apartheid.
    Boycott Israhell

  4. jonolan Says:

    Terrorist loving anti-Semites aren’t really welcome here, Christopher, just as they’re not particularly welcome anywhere outside the Muslim World and the Liberal enclaves that are sadly still allowed to exist in the Civilized World.

  5. Alan Scott Says:

    I see the atheists and liberals deal with their heretics like the medieval Church did. I wonder whether the left’s anti Semitism could stem in part from their hatred of American military power. Israel uses American military hardware successfully. That success infuriates the American left. I can’t see anything about the Palestinians for American leftists to love other than their hatred for Israel and the United States.

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