Practical College Education

Alan Scott, one of Reflections From A Murky Pond’s regular commenters, made a pithy statement about what passes for a college education in this dissolute and degenerate modern world.

All of those college graduates might want their money back from their Professors now that they see what their education is worth in the real World.

He makes a good point. The new normal for a college graduate is unremitting unemployment or “underemployment.” Couple that with a massive student loan debt and it’s obvious that something has to change.

A practical education for the modern college student
A Practical College Education

Given that even the “professional students” may graduate before America can fix and recover from the last four years of ineptocracy, if we even can since Obama might be reinstalled in the White House, it seems to me that we need to shift the curriculum to a more practical education for these students. College is, after all, supposed to prepare young people for life in real world.

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