Obama’s 2012 SOTC Address

Obamaprompter 2012 Presidential CampaignLast night, Tuesday, January 24, 2012 Obama gave his 2012 State Of The Campaign Address to Congress and the electorate. Theoretically this should have been the 2012 State Of The Union Address but the Campaigner-in-Chief doesn’t like to go outside of his experience.

As one would expect of a SOTU Address from any POTUS in an election year, but especially from Obama, the hour+ long speech was far less about the state of the union than it was about the state of Obama’s presidency and his 1099 day-long – as of January 24, 2012 – bid for reelection.

The speech was filled with mis- and disinformation, obfuscations, attacks upon Obama detractors, class warfare, and various attempts to couch Liberal talking points in rhetoric more palatable to the American people. To give Obama his due though, it was one of the better examples of such a speech since Prefect Pontius Pilate washed his hands of a certain, sordid affair in Judea a bit over two millennia ago.

One thing – I found the juxtaposition of calling for the application of military philosophy and doctrine to civilian matters and the subjugation of the individual for the collective a little disturbing.

In a time when both the Left and the Right are worried about the authoritarian shift in government and the militarization of civilian entities it’s quite “tone deaf” of Obama to be using rhetoric that is reminiscent of that surrounding the Volksgemeinschaft.

As for the actual state of the union – Given that Obama’s 2012 SOTC Address was quite similar in many key respects and tone to his 2011 SOTC Address, it reasonable to assume that the actual state of the union is also quite similar to how it was a year ago. Obama has made little progress and America is still stagnating.

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