Biden's Record Jobs Growth

Biden's Record Jobs Growth
Biden’s Record Jobs Growth Explained

The sorts that speak for the Biden administration have cheerfully touted “record job growth.” Sadly for Americans dealing with the on-the-ground reality of the Democrats’ “new economy,” this “record job growth” is all to easily explained and it’s not good.

Yeah, various Democrat politicians misuse their authority in response to the Coronavirus pandemic and in self-serving, Trump-hating furtherance of their COVID-19 panicdemic to shutdown 43% of small businesses and caused the remainder to he businesses reported having reduced their active employment by 39%. Now, with businesses being able to reopen, of course there’s record job growth, not that we’ve reached pre-panicdemic levels of labor participation.

Yeah, “record job growth” my ass. It might be technically true, but it’s a lie to say it’s anything more than what it is.

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Scale Of The Closures

Scale Of The Closures
The Scale Of The Closures Says A Lot, None Of It Good

Just something to think about. Since the first of the shutdowns / closures enacted by various politicians, the big box stores have been allowed to stay open while almost every small business has been forced to shutdown, often by threat of draconian reprisals.

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Raising The Lowest Rung

As I write this article, the minimum wage has risen or will rise this week in 20 states, the most widespread non-federally mandated raise in the minimum wage in US history.

This is the result of a national “movement” of low-wage workers, their advocates, labor unions, and Left-wing politicians fomenting anger, discord, and hysteria about the supposedly widening gap between the rich and the “poor” in the United States.

Raising The Lowest Rung
Raising The Lowest Rung

Of course, the presumably unintended consequences of raising the minimum wage is that teens just entering the workforce, especially Black teens, will find it more difficult to get a job. Simply put, raising the lowest rung puts it out of reach of the less able.

So what will happen is that more youths will find it harder to break into the employment market and that this barrier will “disproportionately impact” Black youths, thereby helping to perpetuate and exacerbate the syndrome of Black unemployment, poverty, criminality, and dependence upon- and cognitive servitude to government largess.

Not so oddly, I predicted this a year and two days ago. Also not so oddly, I’m less than perfectly pleased by being right.

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California Leads The Way

california-flag-burningIn recent decades the phrase, “As California goes, so goes the nation” has become commonplace, strongly implying that California leads the way in America’s political, social, and economic trends. Sadly for America’s future, this is not a wholly unfounded idea.

One need only look to the effects of California’s leftwing, neo-Socialist laws, regulations, and taxcode upon small businesses to see that, if California leads the way, then that way is to financial ruin.

This is not to say that California doesn’t provide many well established routes for Californians to start small businesses, the driving force in employment.

California’s Many Routes To Starting A Small Business

It’s just that those routes all lead out of California and into states with less punitive laws and taxes and, obviously, the jobs those small businesses would provide followed along the same routes.

Both sadly and scarily, California did lead the way in this.  On a national scale America is suffering the same fate as our laws, regulations, and tax code drives corporations overseas because offshoring is the only way that they can survive in the current global market.

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