Summing Up Ferguson

Cornhulio Protests
Work Sucks, Let’s Go Break Something

This perfectly sums up the Blacks’ “protests” in Ferguson, New York City, and other, utterly uninvolved areas. Cornholio would be proud of them.

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9 Responses to “Summing Up Ferguson”

  1. Buffet Says:

    Did anyone besides me notice that Beavis is , far and away, the best dressed of the lot?

  2. jonolan Says:

    ROFLMAO – Yeah, I think so, Buffet. Now that you say it though, I have to agree. Beevis is definitely the best dressed of them…and the one least likely to commit sundry felonies while “protesting.”

  3. Buffet Says:

    Hey, while we’re at it – do you ascribe, as I do, that the wearing of the pants below the buttocks, often displaying colorful old man underwear (boxers) is clearly the wearer’s overt invitation to other homosexuals?

  4. jonolan Says:

    In all truth, no. All my research shows that it is a more general prison fashion fetish based upon poorly fitted prison uniforms and the prohibition against belts and other such items to hold the pants up.

    However, it’s still a glorification and normalization of thug / prison life by the Blacks even if it’s not advertising that they’ll punk for commissary. Also, such research as I can do could well be wrong…

    In any event, I’ll take a page from the Feminists’ book and not let fact-checking get in the way of a useful trope. 😉

  5. Buffet Says:

    F.Y.I. My timeworn line I use SO often goes something like this:
    “Pull yer damned pants up!!”
    Occasionally I will add “Where’s your dignity?” as if I didn’t already know they have none.
    (In case you’re wondering if that might incite a challenge? Not likely.)

  6. jonolan Says:

    Honestly, I don’t bother speaking to them. I’m not Dr. Doolittle, after all. Nor am I some ambassador from America to their land, even though I live inside its borders.

    Fortunately, my area of Brooklyn has seemingly gotten over sagging some time ago. I rarely see it around my hood, though I do see it a lot on the subways.

  7. Buffet Says:

    Thanks for making me aware of the term for the phenomenon.
    Until now, I didn’t know there was one, besides perhaps “fruitloopiness”?
    I understand your reasoning for not lowering yourself to their level by even acknowledging them and their bizarre queerbait existence.
    I suppose my reason for doing so is to insure that their is no doubt in their minds about the heirarchy of things.
    The encounters are always brief out of necessity – they don’t speak English and I don’t speak Ooga Booga – or Bionics!

  8. jonolan Says:

    Interesting that you should bring up the language issue / barrier. I’m currently putting together an article on the Code Switching phenomenon among the Blacks.

  9. Buffet Says:

    Sounds intriguing. Especially since I have no idea what that bloody is?
    Ever give any more thought to the phenomenon of redundancy in their speech?
    It’s MADDENING at times!
    (Do they forget from one moment to the next their last utterance OR is it more like the mind is challenged from not being fully formed, like a child or someone with Down’s Syndrome?)

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