Disturbed Sleep

It seems to me that nobody who has a goal can expect to sleep easily at night, at least nobody who can be reasonably expected to achieve that goal. Nor do people in authority sleep undisturbed at night, not if they accept responsibility as the price of their authority.

What Keeps Them Up At Night
What Keeps Them Up At Night

No, the question which the answer to best defines them is not whether something keeps them up at night. It is what exactly does so. Just as a person’s strength can be gauged by the quality of their enemies, a person’s character and worth may be judged by their worries and fears.

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The Circle Of Life

Most people in the Civilized World are familiar with phrase and associated concept, “The circle of life.” Somehow though I think they’ve developed a romanticized and limited view of what it means. 😉

The Circle Of Life - At least for the productive members of society
The Circle of Life

That’s the real Circle of Life for most of us in the Civilized World. It’s soul-crushingly monotonous and without grace, romance, or passion – but it beats being eaten by lions.

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