Just Because…

Sexy Schoolgirls – Just Because You Seemed To Want Them

Here you go, sort of by request. Here’s 27 sexy schoolgirls – OK, there’s a couple of sexy teachers in there as well 😉 – because, judging by the daily hits on “School’s Started,” as fair number of you want them. 😉

Please! Never let it be said that I don’t, at least occasionally, cater to the desires of you, my readers. As your traffic patterns indicate you want more sexy schoolgirls, I’m more than happy to provide you with a few more.

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School’s Started

School's Started
School’s Started

Just a reminder – at this point, school’s started just about everywhere in the US, which means schoolgirls in uniform, teachers, and librarians. 😛

Schoolgirls, Teachers, And Librarians – Oh My!

And yes, Gentlemen – and some of you ladies, though you’re at less risk of negative consequences – this is mostly a look but don’t touch situation. Never forget that while Ephebophilia is not a mental illness – Hell! Even Hebephilia isn’t really considered one – underage is still a fast track to a lengthy and uncomfortable prison stay.

But Oh! Even if one isn’t allowed to pick the flowers, one can still still enjoy the sight of those blossoms.

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School Has Started

School Has Started

As the 2016 school year has started, I figure that now is perfect time to showcase and celebrate schoolgirls…or, more accurately and somewhat less creepily, the fetish play that is women in or partially in school uniforms.

Oh sure, it’s a bit of ephebophilia, but as long as it’s just a roleplay thing and not the active pursuit of actual schoolgirls, I’ll be one of the last ones to name it wrong…unless someone’s taken it to the point of fetishism and requires it for sexual stimulation. In that case, like all fetishes, they need to seek psychiatric help.

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Study Hard, Boys


Study Hard, Boys, Study Hard
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Study hard, Boys. The official curriculum, past the basics, probably won’t be much use to you in your life but the unofficial and/or extracurricular education will do wonders for you.

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A New School Year Begins


So A New School Year Begins
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You’ve just got to love a schoolgirl, especially when she’s taken some delightful liberties with her uniform.

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