Anarchy For The Employed

Libertarianism: Anarchy For The Employed
Libertarianism: Anarchy For The Employed

Honestly, if you’ve listened to / read their respective rantings, you’ve probably already noticed that the Libertarians and the Anarchists are separate only in that most of the Libertarians have decent jobs and real property, whereas the Anarchists don’t. They’re a lot like – and there’s a LOT of overlap between them – the #NeverTrump-ers and the #Resist-ers, fellow travelers who seem to hate each other despite sharing goals and enemies in common.

Ah well, politics does make for strange bedfellows and sometimes results in coyote ugly mornings. 😉

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It’s Not Benevolence

Adam Smith was an 18th century Scottish moral philosopher, a pioneer of political economy, and an important figure in the Enlightenment. He was a very wise man and helped shape much of the modern era’s thoughts upon the role of work and business in the world.

Adam Smith - It's Not From Benevolence
The Wisdom of Adam Smith

Sadly, Mr. Smith’s great wisdom has been largely lost, expunged from mainstream education by the Liberals and Progressives who’ve infiltrated the school systems and destroyed much of our children’s education.

There’s no room anymore for moral thought such has Adam Smith thought because the Liberals and Progressives indoctrinate all that they can in the belief that it is and should be out of benevolence that the makes provide for the eaters and takers and, if such largess can be voluntarily garnered, it must be coerced through fiat.

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Explaining Conservatism

thinking-apeExplaining Conservatism is actually easy. At its foundation Conservatism is a political philosophy predicated upon a person’s ability to differentiate between progress and change.

Sadly, it is useless and frustrating to attempt to explain it to Liberals because they cannot differentiate between progress and change. Trying to explain Conservatism to them is very much akin to trying to explain the color blue to a born-blind person.

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Freedom’s Fatal Sequence

Freedom is always transitory for any People; it follows a historically well established cycle of rise and fall. It moves from bondage, to freedom and affluence, and back to bondage again.

The Tytler Cycle aka The Fatal Sequence
The Fatal Sequence Known As The Tytler Cycle

Progression through the Fatal Sequence that leads to the death of all democracies a smooth and measured march towards entropy. It seems, if history is any judge, to happen in fits and starts with societies staying at one point then lurching forward again.

Interestingly, the Tytler Cycle was no part of Lord Woodhouselee, Alexander Fraser Tytler’s written works though it does perfectly fit them, especially his Universal History.

Where America is within the Tytler Cycle is open to some debate. This is, in no small part, because of a trend started in the latter half of the twentieth century to divide and fragment America for the dubious sake of cultural diversity. America being now more than one People is at multiple points in the cycle – but all are further along the path back to Bondage than Liberty –> Abundance.

Can we move backward along the path of the Tytler Cycle? I think it’s possible. Will we as a people do so? I doubt it; it doesn’t seem to be in human nature to do so.

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