It’s Not Benevolence

Adam Smith was an 18th century Scottish moral philosopher, a pioneer of political economy, and an important figure in the Enlightenment. He was a very wise man and helped shape much of the modern era’s thoughts upon the role of work and business in the world.

Adam Smith - It's Not From Benevolence
The Wisdom of Adam Smith

Sadly, Mr. Smith’s great wisdom has been largely lost, expunged from mainstream education by the Liberals and Progressives who’ve infiltrated the school systems and destroyed much of our children’s education.

There’s no room anymore for moral thought such has Adam Smith thought because the Liberals and Progressives indoctrinate all that they can in the belief that it is and should be out of benevolence that the makes provide for the eaters and takers and, if such largess can be voluntarily garnered, it must be coerced through fiat.

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One Response to “It’s Not Benevolence”

  1. Titfortat Says:

    I always find it fascinating that people think shitty behavior is a left or right trait. I have met as many liberals to conservatives that I wouldn’t trust with anything. Their political leanings had little to nothing to do with their actual character.

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