Denying Atzlan (NSFW)

Arizona State FlagThe state legislature of Arizona recently drafted the United States’ most comprehensive, stringent, and potentially effective anti-illegal immigration law, SB 1070, which Governor Brewer signed into law on Friday, April23, 2010. As expected, Liberals and their minority tenants went insane.

The Liberals have called Arizona’s new illegal immigrations as being equivalent apartheid, Nazi Germany, and the old Jim Crow laws. Various Leftists have advocated punitively boycotting Arizona and the race-baiting filth, Al Sharpton, ever eager for the self-aggrandizement, has promised to lead riots across Arizona if SB 1070 isn’t revoked.

Of course few, if any, of these sorts have bothered to read Arizona’s SB 1070 – the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act – or compare to current federal immigration laws and their supposed enforcement. Those that have likely don’t care; they’re too steeped in hatred of America, racism vs. Whites, and their own political agendas to worry overmuch about facts that contradict their views.

President Obama claims the law is misguided and his Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, has parroted her boss’s assessment and added that this is a Homeland Security matter best left to the federal government to solve.

What I find far worse than “misguided” is the fact that no federal administration in decades, irrespective of political party, has done anything except ignore or exacerbate the threat to America posed by our porous and ever more dangerous southern border. They’re ongoing outright refusal to even enforce the laws currently on the books is worse than misguided; it’s criminal and a dereliction of the duties of the POTUS and has been based solely upon political expediency and pandering.

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