So Sexy, So…Skinless?

I have a particular fondness for women with phat butts and thick thighs but I also like thinner or rangier babes with good muscle tone and definition in their legs. Rich curves and sleek musclature are a damn fine and sexy combo.

Apparently some elements of the Australian fashion industry agree with me and they’re doing their “best” to help women out…

I Just Love The Flayed Alive Look

So for about $95 USD ($88 AUD) my wives and I can live out all my Hellraiser and sexy anatomy class fantasies. Alternatively, the two of themย  could make “sexy” PSAs explaining that you only get on a bike dressed like this at a bike show.

So Sexy, So…Skinless? File this under WTF but kind of cool.

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Bottom Shelf

Have you ever wondered why men almost always keep their beer on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator? It’s really quite simple…

Bottom Shelf - Why Men Keep The Beer There
It’s On The Bottom Shelf, Honey!

Now that we’ve gotten to the bottom of that, it should be clear as to why this occurs with such regularity. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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