Outrageous Bias

The manufactured outrage over some members of Governor Christie’s staff closing some of the approach lanes to the George Washington Bridge is mostly over, largely because the Liberals and their Lamestream Media realized that their actions were actually benefiting the Republican politician and probable 2016 Presidential candidate.

But, like most such things, this tempest in a teapot can be used as a “teachable moment.”

Outrageous Bias - Or Biased Outrage
Such Outrageous Bias

In this case the education it provides is a case study in remedial reality and realpolitik. Once again the Left and the media has shown their outrageous bias by attacking a Republican for possibly using his power to punish an enemy politician while sheltering and protecting their boy, Obama even though that misborn, worthless piece of filth has done the same thing but to a far greater degree.

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Christie and Obama

It’s bound to happen that some people will draw comparisons and, in the case of Liberals, Progressives, and the minority sharecroppers beholden to them for hand-outs, false equivalencies. It should, however, be noted that Governor Cristie’s claims of ignorance over his singular “Bridgegate” scandal pales in comparison to Obama’s laundry list of scandals and should-be scandals.

Cristie and Obama
Christie and Obama Sitting In A Tree…

Of course, my snarky reference to an old schoolyard chant is pretty inaccurate as well. Christie’s not built for really tree climbing and Obama has a natural fear of tree limbs since he’s rightfully afraid that he’ll end up hanging from one. 😉

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