Hamas’ Rubicon

Just another Muslim terrorist with Qur'anIn all conflicts there comes a point when one side or the other has to either “Cross the Rubicon” or stop. In the ongoing was of the Muslims against the Jews and Christians of Israel Hamas has, perhaps unknowingly, crossed the Rubicon and has quite likely past the point of no return.

The Palestinians in Gaza have launched too many rockets, dug too many terror tunnels, and wantonly used too many “innocent” children as human shields, and refused and/broke too many cease fires for even the United Nations, once their staunch ally against Israel, to support them.

This is a significant change in position for the UN and it’s shocking to hear Secretary General Ban Ki-moon speak so openly against Hamas, whom he and the rest of the UN have previously always supported in their war against Israel and all the non-Muslims therein.

Mr. Prime Minister, thank you again for your warm welcome. It’s always a pleasure to visit, for me, Israel. But this time I am standing with a very heavy, heavy heart. As we speak, rockets from Hamas and Islamic Jihad continue to be fired on Israel. I have just seen myself, with the Prime Minister, all kinds of rockets fired by Hamas onto the heads of these people and neighborhoods of where many people are living. This is quite shocking. And I have seen all these photos and videos and evidences myself. The United Nations’ position is clear: we condemn strongly the rocket attacks.

These must stop immediately. We condemn the use of civilian sites, schools, hospitals and other civilian facilities for military purposes. Your country won’t accept rockets raining down on its territory. And all countries and parties have an international obligation to protect civilians. I extend my deep condolences to the Prime Minister and to the people of Israel on the fatalities from the recent escalation. We’ll not forget the killing and abduction of Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaer and Naftaly Frankel. I was deeply moved by the words of Rachel Frankel as she buried her own son. I quote: “We will learn to sing without you,” she said. “We will always hear your voice in our hearts.” And she went on to reach out to the family of Muhammad abu Khdeir, the 16-year-old boy burned alive simply because of who he was. Mrs. Frankel said, I quote: “No mother or father should ever have to go through what we are going through, and we share the pain of Muhammad’s parents.” End quote. It is that spirit of shared anguish, humanity and hope that calls me here. Too many Palestinian and Israeli mothers are burying their children. We owe it to their sacrifice and to Israeli and Palestinian aspirations for peace, to intensify efforts to find a solution.

Over the last three days I have met with the leadership in Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt. I met President Abbas in Qatar and US Secretary of State, John Kerry, in Cairo yesterday. This is all part of a concerted international effort for urgent action. My message to Israelis and Palestinians is the same: Stop fighting! Start talking and take on the root causes of the conflict so we are not back to the same situation in another six months or a year. We must address these underline issues, including mutual recognition, occupation, despair and denial of dignity, so people do not feel they have to resort to violence as a means of expressing their grievances. Military actions will not increase Israel’s stability and security in the longer time. I fully share and appreciate the legitimacy, the security concerns and right to defend your country and citizens. Israel is a democratic strong country, and I urge you to demonstrate fortitude by exercising maximum restraint. Recovery and reconstruction work is more needed than ever. Governance issues must be addressed by one legitimate Palestinian government adhering to the PLO commitment – non-violence, recognition of Israel and respect for previous agreements. The United nations will continue to support these efforts.

— UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
Tel Aviv, Israel, July 22, 2014

True, Ban Ki-moon’s statement wasn’t uncontaminated by both digs at Israel and calls for them to continue to show amazing and unwarranted restraint in their efforts to defend their people from the Muslims in Gaza. Still, it was the starkest and sternest rebuke of Hamas that the UN, long-infiltrated by the OIC, has ever made.

One thing to note, however – this will not be publicized by the MSM. It does not fit with their ongoing antisemitic rhetoric or their slavish support for Muslim terrorism. If the West’s MSM made the shift in UN opinion known, they’d alienate the Liberals and Progressives who make up the bulk of their viewership and/or readership.

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The Clowns Demurred

Grim Clown Is Not AmusedBan Ki-Moon, the United Nations’ eighth and current Secretary-General has more than a bit of a problem. The UN, far from being a respected and august international body, is rightfully lambasted and lampooned by all citizens of the Civilized World’s nations who actually love their respective countries.

Mr. Moon thought he had a fix though.

If the truth of matters cannot win the hearts and minds of the citizens of the nations upon which the UN feeds like parasite, the only solution is to alter their thinking. Much like a circus ringmaster, Mr. Moon sought to send in the clowns.

Isn’t it rich?
Isn’t it queer?
Losing my timing this late
In my career?
And where are the clowns?
Quick, send in the clowns.
Don’t bother – they’re here.

The only problem for Mr. Moon and the failing UN is that the clowns in Hollywood apparently demurred.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon took time off from the skirmishes in Libya and other bothers to fight the real threats facing the planet – those coming from the global warming deniers who have thwarted the UN plans for Kyoto II.

“I need your support,” he admitted last week in a pitch to 400 Hollywood movers and shakers in a day-long forum that played up the doom and gloom message — floods, fires and drought – that only Hollywood can sell to a skeptical public.

“Animate these stories!” Ban urged. “Set them to music! Give them life! Together we can have a blockbuster impact on the world.”

The Hollywood crowd, subjected to a day filled with panels with titles like “Making Global Warming a HOT Issue,” seemed sceptical itself. A vice president from Walt Disney, unimpressed by the UN’s two-decades long effort to market climate change to the public, said that it “feels like an early step,” asking “How do you make it marketable, palatable and engaging without preaching?” Another executive noted “the best messaging on climate change by far is by the deniers.”

Ban remains hopeful that he can swing Hollywood his way: “You have power and influence to send to millions and billions of people around world,” he said, adding “Some believe we have 2 or 3 planets, but we don’t. This is the planet we have to preserve and hand to future generations.”

Ban’s visit to Hollywood was part of the UN’s Creative Community Outreach Initiative, a major marketing effort starring himself that counts among its successes its role in the movies, The Interpreter and Che.

When Ban Ki-Moon and the UN can’t even impress Hollywood, which has been pandering to Liberals, Progressives, and any and all Leftist causes they could find, it says a lot about the the utter lack of worth of either the UN’s agenda, their capabilities and integrity, or both.

Even the clowns in suits running the Hollywood studios need any such arrangements between themselves and the United Nations to return value for value and they understand that the UN can’t or won’t do that.

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