The Innocent Children

As I predicted, The ever-antisemitic Liberals and the Lamestream Media are promulgating various images and tales of Palestinian children being slaughtered by Israel’s IDF. The blame, of course, is always laid at the feet of those damn Jews.

Muslim Human ShieldsJihadi Command Post

Of course, the Liberals – whose opinion of the Jewry is quite clear – utterly refuses to acknowledge, much less mention, that every single child harmed or killed in Gaza was killed solely because the jihadi terrorists of Hamas wanted that child to be killed.

Let us, however, step back from the obvious truth that Hamas uses their own children as human shields and their corpses as propaganda pieces. Let us instead look at the deeper and sadder truth of the children of Islam.

Islam’s “Innocent” Children

Many, perhaps most, of those “innocent children” were far from innocent and were not forced to be human shields by the Hamas terrorists or their parents. They were there and were as ready to die as anyone ever is because they too are Islam’s jihadis.

All across the Muslim World, but especially in the Muslim-controlled areas of Israel, children suck in hate and violence with their mothers’ milk. At a very young age – by the standards of the Civilized World – they are indoctrinated in the Fedayeen or Mujahideen. From that point onward they are just more jihadis and more terrorists, valid targets in war.

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5 Responses to “The Innocent Children”

  1. Alan Scott Says:

    Charles Krauthammer lays it out well.

    Hamas is playing for western left wing media sympathy.

  2. Buffet Says:

    Can’t we just nuke ’em, take their oil (effectively lowering petrol prices), and be done with it??

  3. jonolan Says:

    Sadly, no – not with Russia and China both wanting the oil too. The balance of power requires that the Oil Lands be held by outside parties.

  4. Buffet Says:

    Unfortunately I have a gnawing weakness for hot Russian chics! That said, there’s no love lost between me and those formerly yellow/now “red” heathens that continue to spawn like field mice, seemingly unaware of modern birth contol methods?

    Can’t we please spare just one more nuke??
    (Oh yeah, as for the Russians……just send me over there man – I’ll promptly satisfy all their hot chics, and just as quickly dispense with any of their fathers, brothers or boyfriends foolish enough to annoy me!)

  5. Alan Scott Says:

    I have heard of Russian and Saudi support for the anti fracking left in the West. Who knew that such big oil producers were believers in Global Warming. Putin does not like the big fracking potential in the Ukraine and Poland.

    The Left in the United States has a lot of its strings pulled in Moscow and Riyadh

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