It’s Always The Jews

Muhammad and Aisha It’s fairly common knowledge that some time ago one of the vermin in Morrocco raped a 15 year-old girl, Amina Filali, and the Moroccan court’s decision, based solely upon Shar’ia, was that his “punishment” would be to marry her. It’s also fairly common knowledge at this point that he abused his court sanctioned, in-house victim throughout their “marriage” and, finally, the young girl committed suicide last week by taking rat poison.

This is normal behavior in the Muslim World and it’s barely news. It does still spark outrage in normal humans though.

One person on Facebook summed up his feelings on this matter with the following statement:

What twisted backward mentality comes up with laws like this? Instead of getting his pee-pee whacked for doing a heinously violent crime – He gets a wedding?? Talk about victimizing the victim. Now that the young lady has killed herself I suppose that’s the end of it and he gets to live his life as though nothing has happened.

But of course, shortly this comment was replied to with the “apologetics” of it being wrong to “hang this on Muhammad” because  this sort of thing is “straight out of” the Old Testament and Judaic Law along with a link to Deuteronomy 22: 13-21. And no, this person isn’t Muslim.

In the minds of the Liberals and Progressives – and a large number of their Black tenants – it’s always the Jews, isn’t it? No matter the issue, these anti-Semite, dhimmi filth cannot bring themselves to lay the blame at the paws of the Muslim vermin. It always, always, always has to be the fault of the Jews…somehow.


Men of virtual cannot reason with Evil, nor can they compromise with it or with it reach an accord. They, being true soldiers of that which is Right and Good, can only put Evil and all of its works to the torch, and all of its spawn likewise. This they know they must do, lest their souls and the souls of their children be damned for all eternity.

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