Bruised Dignity

It\'s the J.E.W.S

What do you call an anti-Semite, anti-American radical with a penchant for deranged behavior? These days you call her Cynthia McKinney, former Congresswoman, failed Green party presidential candidate and certifiable basket case.

The erstwhile McKinney is off her meds again. She was aboard the SS Dignity when it tried to run the Israeli blockade to deliver supplies to HAMAS.

McKinney was one of 16 people on board U.S.-based Free Gaza Movement’s SS Dignity which tried and failed to deliver 3.5 tons of what has been claimed to medical supplies to the terrorist organization HAMAS in the Gaza Strip.

Depending on which account you choose to believe – both sides have plenty of reason to lie – the Dignity either collided with an Israeli patrol boat in a misguided attempt to evade the blockade or was rammed by the Israeli patrol after failing to heed warning volleys fired near it in an attempt to turn the Dignity back.

The Dignity, bruised and battered, later made safe harbor in Tyre, Lebanon’s southern-most seaport. There were no reported injuries among her crew, though it’s expected that McKinney was raving incoherently about the Jews – that’s spelled J-E-W-S – by the end of the voyage.

Cynthia McKinney is grandstanding madwoman who is a danger to all those near her. Her particular form of wild-eyed behavior and racism fatally poisons every cause she touches.

Taking McKinney’s unfortunate involvement in important international affairs out of the equation, there are some serious questions about this incident that need to be answered.

Where exactly was the SS Dignity when it was actively engaged by the Israeli navy? Was it in international waters as the Free Gaza people claim, or had it actually reached the blockade line before any deterrence was attempted by the Israelis?

What organization within the Gaza strip were the intended recipients of the Dignity’s cargo? This makes a huge difference. HAMAS is an internationally condemned terrorist organization and an avowed enemy of the US. Lending them any form of “aid and comfort” is both a violation of the Hague Convention and of US law.

On the other hand, the Red Crescent, the Islamic variant of the Red Cross, is an internationally recognized relief agency that is explicitly protected under international law. If the supplies and personnel were on consignment to the Red Crescent, Israel is in direct violation of the Geneva Convention and other international agreements regarding medical aid in war zones.

It would be good to have these questions answered. Sadly, this grandstanding stunt is going to draw all the wrong sort attention to the matter – especially with a deranged radical like Cynthia McKinney involved in it.

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14 Responses to “Bruised Dignity”

  1. Derek Wall Says:

    ‘deranged radical’ i.e someone who calls for an end to killing.

    Are you a nation that celebrates the killing of children, I think you should disabuse us of this view.

  2. jonolan Says:


    It is my concerted opinion that McKinney is a deranged radical and avowed enemy of America; that is an opinion I’ve held since well before her recent stunt involving Israel.

    In point of fact I deploy the killing of innocent noncombat and loath HAMAS for doing so in using them as propaganda tools and human shields for the weapons caches and suchlike they place within otherwise civilian facilities.

  3. RS Says:

    Those who you told as avowed enemy of America, you mean American government or American people ?
    I think, this views of yours, only represent a little number of American people. Or i am wrong about it.

  4. jonolan Says:

    McKinney is against just about everything that America has ever stood for and has consistently allied herself with foreign governments and organization who are very much not our friends. She’s also rather racist.

    Is my opinion a minority? No, I don’t think so, though I’m less likely to equivocate than most. Even the Dems tossed her out because of her behavior.

  5. Derek Wall Says:

    The bodies mount up with missile strikes and you condemn a peace maker, shocking stuff

    you really ought to visit Gaza and find out what is really happening like Cynthia

  6. jonolan Says:

    I condemn an anti-Semite, anti-White nut-job who espouses Socialism. That is a dislike that long predates her using the Free Gaza movement for her own propaganda purposes.

    As for visiting Gaza, been there and done that – though it was some years ago and before either Fatah’s or HAMAS’ bids for rulership. I’ve also been in Sderot.

    You – like McKinney and so many who hate Israel and want to see it and the Jews exterminated – don’t seem to understand that HAMAS is at least much to blame for what is happening as Israel is. You also refuse to separate HAMAS terrorists from average Palestinians. One can hate the former while still feeling sympathy for the latter.

  7. RS Says:


    What do you think Israel doing in Palestine’s land? Israel occupied Palestine’s territory. Have you forget about this, OCCUPATION ?

    What makes you thing that Israel has the right to be there and do the massacre yet claimed it as self defense ?

    Labelling someone as anti-Semite, terrorist, etc, is so easy and is great weapon to attack others whom against one’s policy, but it is too subjective.

    Pls see :

  8. jonolan Says:


    I label McKinney as I do with all due consideration based on her previous actions, words, and associations. All of that has little if anything to do with Israel and Palestine, save that she has chosen to grandstand in a cause that puts her at odds with America – again.

    What makes you think that HAMAS has the right to continuously fire rockets at purely civilian targets in Israel? You seem to ignore the wrongs of HAMAS while denouncing those Israel.

  9. RS Says:

    “Far more important is the fact that the world knew what happened and decided not to do anything, and sent a very wrong message to the state of Israel, that it’s okay to get rid of the Palestinians. And I think this is why the ethnic cleansing of Palestine continues today as we speak.
    Because the message from the international community was that if you want to create a Jewish state by expelling so many Palestinians and destroying so many Palestinian villages and towns, that’s okay.
    Why did the world allow Israel in 1948 to do something it would not have allowed anyone else to do ?”

    Professor Ilan Pappe, an Israeli historian and senior lecturer of Political Science at Haifa University.

  10. jonolan Says:


    ATW is possibly one of the most biased sources for information about Israel and Palestine currently available online. For that matter, ATW is possibly one of the most pro-Islam in general biased sources of information. I’d suggest branching out to more reasoned studies because citing ATW is very much the opposing equivalent of citing World Net Daily (WND).

    That being said, my post was about McKinney’s misbehavior and not an endorsement of Israel.

    Israel has handled their situation quite poorly. Though so have the Palestinians. The left people in the world though only seem to care about what Israel does, not the ongoing terrorism committed by the Palestinians, nor the behavior of the other surrounding states which closely mimic Israel’s actions towards towards the Palestine.

    You do know that Egypt has maintained a similar blockade against Palestine? Why are you largely silent about that. Is it because Egypt isn’t Jewish? Or is it because Israel is a US ally? I ask this, not as a straw-man argument but as a real question.

  11. RS Says:

    It was none of ATW’s words that i quoted, pls see the name, it’s Prof Ilan Pappe.

    Don’t worry Jonolan, I do aware that not all Jewish are zionist.
    Apparently the problem “Israel n Palestine” really has nothing to do with Jewish and Muslims…

  12. RS Says:

    “ATW is possibly one of the most biased sources for information about Israel and Palestine currently available online.”

    About this, I disagree with you. ATW have lived in both side in Jerussalem for 18 yrs, ATW witnessed many things there. There’s no bias or whatsoever…it’s the truth. Unfortunately ATW is a Muslim, so people like you just say ATW is biased. Beside, again, “Israel-Palestine” conflict is not between Jewish and Muslims, don’t be deceived.

  13. jonolan Says:

    On ATW – I hold that he is quite biased. That doesn’t in any way impugn is intelligence or ability to present a reasoned argument based on his interpretations of the facts at hand. Fact and truth are quite different, the latter being – in a pragmatic sense – a fantasy insofar as any human’s opinion is concerned.

    As you said, ATW is a Muslim. His interpretation of the facts and his choice of which facts to present to the public as well as how he spins those facts is colored by is bias. This is to be expected. I am no better myself, and neither he nor I should be considered authoritative on these matters.

    One assertion – IMHO – you make is somewhat correct. The Israeli-Palestinian did not start as a religious conflict. It – like most conflicts – started over land and resources. Sadly, religion has been added to the mix by all parties involved. By all I mean Muslims outside of Palestine, Jews across the world desirous of a “Jewish State,” and a subset of Christians who follow strict Biblical interpretations and prophecy.

    My view of situation – if it matters to you or anyone – is that ALL parties involved are soaked in the blood of innocents.

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    […] politics had to expect the antisemitic, anti-American, crazed Socialist zealot and attention whore, Cynthia “It’s the Joos” McKinney to put down her crack pipe long enough to issue some jabbering rant about the violence that ensued […]

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