Obama’s Tahadi Al-Burhan

Tahadi Al-Burhan – Test of Proof

The Tahadi Al-Burhan, the test or challenge of proof, could be described as a challenge that cannot be avoided and that will carry serious rewards and/or consequences for the one challenged.

Is Israel’s attack on Gaza Obama’s Tahadi Al-Burhan? Is this the challenge of proof that Barack Obama as the incoming President of the US must meet and overcome? Will Obama’s reaction to Israel’s new open military aggression against HAMAS and the rest of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip be the test that defines Obama’s leadership of America in the eyes of his current supporters and the world at large?

And were we all already warned of this?

Mark my words; it will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America.

Watch. We’re going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.

He’s going to need help. He’s going to need you—not financially to help him—we’re going to need you to use your influence, your influence within the community, to stand with him. Because it’s not going to be apparent initially, it’s not going to be apparent that we’re right.”

There are going to be a lot of you who want to go, “Whoa, wait a minute, yo, whoa, whoa, I don’t know about that decision.” Because if you think the decision is sound when they’re made, which I believe you will when they’re made, they’re not likely to be as popular as they are sound. Because if they’re popular, they’re probably not sound.

— Sen Joe Biden, now VP-elect

President-elect Obama rhetoric to-date and his various Cabinet and Adviser appointments seem to indicate that Obama sides with the outgoing Bush administration’s support of Israel’s actions.

If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop that. I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.

— Sen. Barack Obama
July, 2008, speaking in Sderot, IL

With so many of the Left who have so far supported Obama being staunchly anti-Israel it seems likely that they will not approve of any US support for Israel’s actions against HAMAS.

So is this the testing of Obama – the “generated crisis” – that Vice President-elect previously warned us all about? If so, will the Liberals put aside their not completely unfounded hatred of Israel or will they condemn Obama for his support of the Jewish state?

Obama’s Tahadi Al-Burhan has come quickly, as Biden may have forewarned. Now the world must wait and see how he handles this challenge as well as what price he will be be forced to pay by his own constituency for his choice.

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