Got Green?

It seems we in the Developed World can’t go a single day without being bombarded by various doomsaying rants about the Global Warming Crisis and ecological catastrophes in general. The various proponents of the disparate green agendas do their best to inundate us daily with admonishments to join their cause or else….

Since this is more off-putting than effective in gaining support for the Green movements – some of which , in IMHO, are valid enterprises for mankind – I thought I’d make a suggestion for a more effective technique for marketing the Green agenda to America and the West.

Got Green?

LOL – That’s a Green Movement I could get behind!

I mean really come on! The environmental activists don’t have a great track record for getting the general populous through browbeating them into submission. I think they and the Earth would be better served by trying to win the heart and…er…umm…minds(?) of the people.

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3 Responses to “Got Green?”

  1. Moriah Says:

    I’m just still amazed at how the majority (seemingly) of advertisements selling products use sex (relating to sex appeal, etc.) and are getting more and more explicit; as more ads appeal to sex appeal, the need to make the ads more attention-grabbing arises. I wonder what is the point of no-return. I “get” it but it’s an interesting study of culture/society.

  2. jonolan Says:

    I may post on that at some point. The marketing triggers surrounding the “sex sells” mantra are not exactly what people might expect.

    Truth be told though, I’d more likely pay attention to an ad based on the graphic I posted than another “repent your capitalist ways and accept Green as your savior” rant.

  3. Christy Says:

    Truth be told though, Id more likely pay attention to an ad based on the graphic I posted than another repent your capitalist ways and accept Green as your savior rant.

    Of course; isn’t that the point – for you, for me, for society? ;p Sex sells. Sex appeal sells. We’re both spirit and flesh and sex appeals to both; it isn’t always in our given nature to want to do what is right for the sake of it being right, but hey, if being Green is sexy…well, then we might consider it. At least it’s caught our attention and a seed is planted.

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