Most Men Love…

Most Men Love Women In Camouflage
Most Men Love Women In Camouflage

Now, of course, when I use the terms, “Most” and “All” I mean straight men, not the small minority of male, strict homosexuals or the poor bois who would be intimidated or even triggered by a woman in camo. Still, with that caveat in mind, and including bisexuals of both genders as well, most of love a woman in camo, but statistically we all love women with nice tits.

Ladies, Remember That “Nice” Covers A Lot Of Territory

That’s right, ladies! Not only do most men love a woman in camouflage – often for reasons that have exactly nothing to do with your body’s looks – our definition of “nice tits” is very, very broad and more than a little idiosyncratic – and situational!. Nor do we much or strongly care why we’re getting to view them. All we really care about is that we do get to do so. šŸ˜›

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