Protecting The Message

Yesterday, July 24, 2012, Gaffe-Master B aka Vice President Joe Biden took questions from reporters during a White House press call. As has become the new normal under the Obama Regime, the on-the-record conversation was forbidden from being reported upon until the press call was fully and formally concluded.

Specifically, the journalists / reporters on the call were forbidden by the White House from using Twitter to post the press call and Biden’s remarks therein live.

This makes perfect sense. Protecting the message is a large part of controlling the message, which is the foundation of Obama’s attempts to get a second chance at being the POTUS. And, if the Constitution and its requirement for a Free Press get in the way of that, such things must be trod under the jackboots of expediency and pragmatism.

Remember that vermin like Obama believe the Constitution is a “living document.” They believe so because all that lives can be killed, maimed and mutilated, and/or enslaved.

Can you, however, imagine the violent outrage that would spew from America’s domestic enemies, the Liberals and Progressives, if a Republican administration placed any limits on reporters?


Americans were given a Republic…If we could keep it. Now is time to remember exactly how our nation was born and swear holy oaths to do whatever is necessary to keep it free. In 2012 it’s the ballot or the bullet.

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