Dr. Obama & Mr. Hyde

Yes, it’s quite true and quite apparent, that Obama is a clear and present danger to America, Americans, and the legacy that American children will inherit. Yet, the boy is a weak danger because he is a weak creature and can be, for the moment, contained due to his venality, narcissism, and inherent lack of worth.

In many ways the boy’s reminiscent of the meak and ineffectual Dr. Jeckle…which is the problem and the real fear of the American people.

Dr. Obama turns into Mr. Hyde
If Obama’s Inner Self Were To Rise…

It seems quite likely that, if we allow this creature to be reelected, he might finally let his inner self be freed from the constraints imposed by his need for campaigning and degenerate in Mr. Hyde.

Currently, the only two things holding Obama in check are the brave actions of the Republicans in Congress and Obama’s own venality and need to have tangible proof of his acceptance by the world at large. If either of those chains are loosed the real Obama in all its disgusting nature might well be released.

That is what Americans truly fear and I cannot say that their fear is unwarranted even though it flies in the face of normal political theory which states that a lame duck POTUS is not a threat. Obama, after all, has made many statements indicating that he prefers tyrannical powers over his proper role in government.

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