The Usual Jabbering

Angry Nigger Syndrome (ANS) is chronic. Sadly, it's not also a fatal condition nearly as often as it should be.Anytime that we have a tragedy such as the massacre by committed James Holmes, America is for weeks inundated by the Machiavellian manipulations of politicians and their MSM shills.

Sadly, thanks to social media, Americans now have to deal with the usual jabbering by hate-mongering vermin who are forced by their own lack of worth to see the world through the lens of their own racism and envy of their betters.

The hooting, jabbering, and rabid frothing follows this vein: Aurora shooter James Holmes is receiving lenient treatment from the criminal justice system and media because he’s White.

Here’s a sampling of such jabbering that can be found on twitter:

@SweetBrownKeese If James Holmes were black all hell would break lose. They probably would have killed him on the spot.

@inVINCEble24 If James Holmes was black or hispanic they woulda smoked his ass on the spot behind the theater.

@lideeeyuh If James Holmes was black, he’d be on death row. But since he’s white, he’s gonna go to a mental institute.

@KarelisM_ I still can’t over the fact James Holmes is alive , if it was a black or hispanic person that shot up people, the cops wouldve killed em

@blw_3 Wonder is James Holmes would be dead yet if he were black or Mexican..

@EricaB143 If James Holmes was black , he would be DEAD !

@NayBaduu If James Holmes was a black man, there would be no commentary on his education or mental health. He would be a dead man.

@illmatic_ James Holmes knew wtf he was doing. If he was black they wouldn’t have said he was mentally ill

@faalon If James Holmes were black, Muslim, or Mexican, he would’ve gotten the death penalty the day after the shooting.

@K_Pocasangre How the fuck can you be “Mentally Ill” but you have a PHD in Neuroscience? Fuck you James Holmes and Fuck this racist country!

@TomTom_Lil James Holmes most likely will be prosecuted because he killed innocent whites. George Zimmerman won’t…he killed an innocent black boy.

It’s easy to spot the similarities between these worthless, misborn vermin. They’re all ghetto thugs, i.e., members in good standing of the “Black Community” and, as such, cannot help but rant and jabber about these things and cry “Racism!”

Oh well, it’s just the usual jabbering hate-speech from the usual suspect. It’s not as if any of their opinions matter to right and proper Americans.

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