Obama Just Doesn’t Care

The two biggest problems with Obama are that he is nothing better than a narcissistic, petulant, little boy and that he’s utterly incapable of speaking the truth if doing so won’t perfectly serve his purposes, which are completely centered upon the image of himself he’s spent a lifetime creating.

Despite that being common knowledge it’s still amazing how much he and his cronies are decompensating as we near the 2012 elections.

It beggars credulity that Obama’s deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter would say that the terrorist attack at the US Consulate in Benghazi that killed four Americans was only important because Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan talk about the attack.

STEPHANIE CUTTER: In terms of the politicization of this — you know, we are here at a debate, and I hope we get to talk about the debate — but the entire reason this has become the political topic it is, is because of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. It’s a big part of their stump speech. And it’s reckless and irresponsible what they’re doing.

BROOKE BALDWIN: But, Stephanie, this is national security. As we witnessed this revolution last year, we covered it–

CUTTER: It is absolutely national security–

BALDWIN: –it is absolutely pertinent. People in the American public absolutely have a right to get answers.

When one takes into account that the Campaigner-in-Chief’s deputy – and whatever other positions she might be in under Obama – claims come not long after Obama had already politicized the Muslim terrorist attacks, this is essentially a “nuanced” admission that the Obama Regime didn’t and still doesn’t care about these Muslim terrorist attacks except in how they might effect the boy keeping his job a few years longer.

Obama's LibyaObama Foreign Policy – Leading From Behind

Yeah, Obama’s foreign policy of “Leading From Behind” has run into few “bumps in the road.” Sadly, those bumps were the mutilated corpses of Americans foolish enough to think that they’d be protected by the Obama Regime from the Muslims they were told serve among.

Bumps In The RoadWhich Bump Was Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Boy?

That’s not too shocking, actually. Obama’s only political experience was in Chicago’s South Side and was, therefor, more attuned to insurrection, terrorism, vileness, and violent crime than to defending against them.

I certainly wouldn’t mind four bumps in my road – not if they all had the last name of Obama and I could back up to my car make absolutely sure of each of them. 😉

Add in the logical conclusion as to what she was alluding to with her “And it’s reckless and irresponsible what they’re doing” line and any American can see that Islamic terrorist attacks aren’t the only thing that Obama just doesn’t care about.

America needs a POTUS who cares about our laws, our people, and our security in this ever more savage world and that leaves Obama out of the running. The boy just doesn’t care about anything or anyone except the vision he’s created of himself for himself.


He will be responsible for letting a condition develop in this country which will create a climate that will bring seeds up out of the ground with vegetation on the end of them looking like something his people never dreamed of. In 2012, it’s the ballot or the bullet and either one is a valid means to salvation.

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2 Responses to “Obama Just Doesn’t Care”

  1. Elaine Says:

    No, he doesn’t. He is like a man without a Soul.

  2. jonolan Says:

    The only point I’ll beg to differ on is that, as I’ve been taught, a creature without a Soul is not a man; it’s a lower creature that merely mocks man by using something approaching his form.

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