Kerry: Fuck The Jews!

John KerryObama’s Secretary of State John Kerry seems to have simple philosophy about the Middle-East. It can be summed up as, “Fuck the Jews!” The only question is whether this antisemitism is inherent to Kerry or is he just mouthing what his master, Obama tells him to. I believe it’s the former and that Obama just found himself a fellow traveler because Kerry certainly doesn’t have a track record for loyalty.

Kerry recently tried to get the Senate Banking Committee to lift the economic sanctions against Iran even though this enemy nation has made no strides towards terminating their nuclear weapons program. Sadly for Kerry and Obama, he had nothing but emotion to bring to the table. His responses to certain questions was, quite telling about the White House’s position:

Sen. Mark Kirk was even more forceful in criticizing the officials’ presentation, calling it “very unconvincing.”

“It was fairly anti-Israeli,” Kirk said to reporters after the briefing. “I was supposed to disbelieve everything the Israelis had just told me, and I think the Israelis probably have a pretty good intelligence service.” He said the Israelis had told him that the “total changes proposed set back the program by 24 days.”

A Senate aide familiar with the meeting said that “every time anybody would say anything about ‘what would the Israelis say,’ they’d get cut off and Kerry would say, ‘You have to ignore what they’re telling you, stop listening to the Israelis on this.’”

There are only two possible reasons why the White House, in the person of John Kerry, would hold and voice such opinions. Either they know that the Jews of Israel would be the first murdered by a nuclear Iran or they want to goad Israel into a preemptive nuclear strike of their own against Iran so that the Obama Regime can then destroy Israel themselves.

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32 Responses to “Kerry: Fuck The Jews!”

  1. cyr Says:

    Kerry is the worst type like Favious a converted catholic..His granfather and family died in the GAS ovens … You would think he would help the Israel..His brother reconverted back to Judism… Has to show his loyalty to USA….Just like Obama..what a laugh an American!..IF Born..I0 years ealier he would not have been an American Citizan in Hahwi…..JUST lies He is realy what he is a Black Moslem Keyan Indernisian..And has no real loyalty to the US or Jews…Kerry asnd Obama are Hypercrites and fakes If they realy knew the LORD they would PRAY for Jerusalem…and the Jews… But thank GD for prophercy we know the end of the Storey…Israel Survives and the unrepentant USA an EUROPE go down the drain with there srewed up economy..Would have been much better for the europeans if they still had thereJews..GOODBY

  2. titfortat Says:

    There aint nobody out in the “real” world that would ever launch a nuclear assault on Israel. Im sure there are plenty out here in never never land who think that is possible or even probable, but hey, they are totally disconnected from reality anyways. If you understand human nature at all you understand about self preservation. If Iran launched any kind of nuclear strike on Israel the US of A would blow them back past the Neanderthal period. They may be somewhat nuts but they aren’t stupid. Silly, silly people for thinking that stupid shit.

  3. jonolan Says:

    I wouldn’t put money on that, T4T. A lot of people, especially Muslims, do things that aren’t rational in the slightest by human standards.

  4. titfortat Says:

    The leaders of the “nutty” Muslims are very predictable. They use the easily lead(nutty ones) for their nefarious plans. It wont be some ignorant kid(nutty) who gets access to a nuclear bomb. Power and how it is wielded and held on to is almost always predictable. Its a game and for the vast majority of Muslim leaders, dying isn’t something they want to take part in. I would bet my house, your house and their house that none of them are stupid enough to try a nuclear assault on Israel. I may be wrong but the odds are hugely in my favor.

    Don’t kid yourself either. On the high end of power circles these people sit down and have drinks together. They know the game very well and they love the perks.

  5. jonolan Says:

    That’s a nice thought but it’s wrong because it doesn’t take into account either shifts in power or the differences in priorities between Muslims and normal people.

    In Iran’s case, it only takes a shift in who is Supreme Leader to bring about a holocaust. Forget the puppet secular administration; they’re not the true leaders in Iran.

    I will, however, agree that it’s not the main line chance. The price of being wrong is too high though to not account for the less likely probabilities.

  6. titfortat Says:


    I could use some of your logic for your own country. Considering there is a strong Christian radical part of your population there is a “possibility” that they could gain power and use the nuclear arsenal that you have. The truth is, the only nation to use the big bad bomb didn’t need some religious nuts to unleash it. All it took was some people to think that it was the best course of action to gain the upper hand. You are just one of the sheep(as I am) in the big game of power that happens on the world stage. The players don’t want to die but they want you to think they or others could kill you. A perfect psychological ploy that makes us fear the most unlikely of outcomes. Prism…….now there is something that is a little more real and likely to affect your life directly. Nuclear assault, not so much.

  7. jonolan Says:

    You’re problem, T4T, isn’t that you’re too cynical; it’s that your ignorance causes you to think everyone has the same form of cynicism as you do and to make false equivalencies, such as comparing Christian fringe elements with Muslims.

    Essentially, you’re making the mistake of assigning the same priorities to wildly disparate cultures – a mistake that many people, including those in position to effect international policies, make day in and day.

    Trust me on this. I lived in the Muslim World for several years, bouncing from one place to another working with/for their rulers. I learned that they aren’t like us the hard way.

  8. titfortat Says:

    Of course their not like you. Its a different culture. Remember though, the play is not happening on a day to day type of level. Just like you don’t hob nob with billionaires. They play on their own field and youre not included. The leaders of the Muslims(in general) don’t play with the individuals who strap bombs on their bodies. Im not cynical actually, in fact for the most part Im an optimist. But I do know the difference between games that are played. You and me play touch football with our buds. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, well, that’s a different game.

  9. titfortat Says:

    Do you know that in Iran you can get a marriage license for a day? It makes perfect sense if you want to circumvent the religious laws and fuck a prostitute for a day.

  10. jonolan Says:

    You’re still applying Western sensibilities to non-Western peoples that have totally different mindsets, even at the highest echelons. Also, you’re forgetting that power shifts and not always in ways easily predictable to rulers. Look at the rise of the Tea Party in America and think of a similar populist movement in the Muslim World, e.g., the Taliban or the Muslim Brotherhood…Oh wait! We’ve had that and worked really hard to keep nukes out of their hands because they’re dangerously crazy.

    As for hobnobbing with billionaires – You’re right; I rarely do that anymore, though I still work fairly directly with a few. I also no longer have to deal with heads of state and not too many senior politicians of any sort. Their appointees, however, are another sad and frustrating story.

    And yes; I know about Shiite temporary “marriage” practices. It’s called Nikah Mut’ah.

  11. titfortat Says:


    I like that. Youre worldly and aware(to a degree). You obviously are aware that most power people regardless of culture partake in multiple cultures unlike their sheep(followers). SO, in regardless to what is western and what is not you can, again, bet your house that their mindsets are most certainly not completely different. Now the sheep on the other hand. Bahhhhh

  12. titfortat Says:

    There are some things that are common to all of us though.

    “Fucking in the penthouse or fucking in the back alley. Its still just fucking”

  13. titfortat Says:

    Interesting, I read that post of yours. You’ve got a lot of hate in you Jonolan. Havnt the teachings of Jesus helped you at all? Or were you worse before you found your God?

  14. jonolan Says:

    The teaching of Jesus are meaningless to me. I’m not Christian by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, being a priest of Morrigu and Cernunnos.

    As for the attitudes of the “power people” – You’re mistaking those IN power at any given time for those who always strive to gain and hold power. An apropos historical example would be the Ayatollah Khomeini. He ruled but was never one of the “power people” you describe.

    You keep forgetting that true believers – of anything – can rise to power and that, in Muslim countries, this is more likely than elsewhere.

  15. titfortat Says:

    Im not mistaking anything. The truth of the matter is that Muslim nations have not had any power over world affairs for hundreds of years if ever. Iran getting nuclear capabilities does not change that fact one iota. If they ever get out of line too much it wont be just the US of A letting long stick go boom. Russia and China would get their ass too. 😉

  16. Alan Scott Says:


    Why do think Russia and China would do anything? They protected Syria after it used chemical weapons. Then why would you think the US under Obama would do anything? A man who draws red lines and then forgets that he drew them isn’t going to do anything.

    Who do you trust less, Iran or Obama?

  17. titfortat Says:


    Trust isn’t a word I use for either. For that matter, I don’t use it when viewing any of the world leaders. Its all about position and benefit. Iran will not do anything that wont benefit its leaders. To think that is just naïve or plain old stupid. Bombing Israel is stupid, plain and simple. World powers like it when things are beneficial to them. Iran bombing Israel is not beneficial to anyone, hence the reason Russia and China would probably kick their ass too.

  18. jonolan Says:

    Again, your logic is sound but your postulate that they consider the same things beneficial as we do is false.

  19. titfortat Says:

    Remember jonolan

    Fucking in the penthouse…………………its all fucking. Havnt you lived long enough to know that? Like the 3 Abrahamic religions some just like to tweak the positions. missionary, doggie, cowboy……still fucking.

  20. Alan Scott Says:

    Russia and China do not care if Iran nukes Israel except that they would have to clean up the aftermath if it failed. They wouldn’t kick their ass. Why would they? A nuclear Iran wouldn’t have to attack anyone anyway. Just having nukes gives them power to blackmail everyone around them.

  21. titfortat Says:

    Just having nukes gives them power to blackmail everyone around them.(Alan)

    Oh, you mean like Israel does. Lol, its not like Israel has religious nuts like Iran, oh, wait, they do. Its fun listening to you guys, Im amazed at how bright people can be yet still be completely blinded by their ideologies.

  22. Alan Scott Says:


    I am amazed that you on the left believe in the equality of nations the way the rest of us believe in the equality of the individual. That you morally equate Israel with Iran is beyond me. That type of thinking is dangerous, but it’s your right to think it.

    If only the British had recognized the right of Nazi Germany to have nukes. Instead they kept destroying Hitler’s heavy water supplies in Norway. It’s not like the British did not have an imperialistic ally, with religious nuts, who had no conscience about using the Atomic bomb on a by then nearly defenseless Island nation who I can’t think of at the moment.

    I have fun arguing with smart, blind, ideologues myself, so I know what you mean.

  23. titfortat Says:

    Hey Alan

    Its been a while since Ive even voted but if I remember correctly I voted conservative. I am Canadian though so there are some differences between us. Here is the thing. I am much more fluid than left or right. I don’t think I can find a party that suits me(libertarian maybe). Because of that I can see the hypocrisy of both as in the Obama government bombing the most with drones and many on the right agreeing with the bailouts(socialism) of the auto industry. Power people do what they think is best for keeping their power. Most of the shit we talk about is just a smoke screen anyways. 🙂
    But it is fun. 😉

  24. titfortat Says:


    Here is an example of how insidious religious nuts can be and how much power they have or don’t have even in democratic countries.

  25. Alan Scott Says:


    Hold on thar. First of all circumcision is more than a religious issue. More of a cultural one. Either way I dispute that is rises to the level of branding someone a religious nut. But actually that is not what set me off.

    Your including in Conservatives with Obama’s bail out of Detroit got my goat. Sure there may be a few Conservatives who went that way, but most were against it. Not that we did not want to save the car industry. More that the companies should have gone through bankruptcy.

    GM and Chrysler would have come out the other side and survived. Obama did not really bailout the companies as he bailed out the UAW.

    Since you do not vote you are not a stake holder. So why do you care?

  26. titfortat Says:

    Honestly, Cultural? You do know where you get that from I hope? As far as getting your goat there were plenty of Conservatives who voted for the socialist bailout. By the way, do you know where scapegoat comes from. Hint, same place as circumcision. 🙂
    I don’t care in a personal kind of way. I do love it from a societal view kind of way though. 😉

  27. titfortat Says:

    Oh yeah, in a democracy not voting doesn’t mean Im not a stake holder. 🙂

  28. jonolan Says:

    I can’t really describe those who won’t take part in a democracy through ballot or bullet as stakeholders in that democracy, T4T. Those who choose not to exercise what power they have, however small, deserve only that which others are willing to give them.

  29. titfortat Says:

    Don’t kid yourself jonolan. If I find any leader that distasteful for me I wont sit quietly. The thing about a democracy is that is still part of my right until it is taken away. You can have your illusion of control as I have mine. In truth, they are equal in strength. 😉

  30. Alan Scott Says:


    Sometimes politicians have to vote against their ideologies because of political realities. Circumcision, I am in favor of. I do not believe it should be forced on someone. I also do not want to judge what they do in Israel.

    But even though you don’t vote, who would you vote for? You must be among the lucky few not affected by ObamaCare. I am very close to some hardcore Obama voters who now that Obama has royally screwed them on health care are finally coming around to the view that yes Obama is a pathological liar.

    Sometimes it is what a political party does to us and not for us that gets us off our butt and to the polls.

  31. cmblake6 Says:

    Kerry was a sympathizer of NV in the day, made up lies, on and on. Gen Giap of the NVA specifically named this POS as invaluable in the breather they had to rebuild when they were weeks away from surrender. Of course Ovomit put this traitor in a position such as it occupies.

  32. jonolan Says:

    True enough. One can judge Obama by the people he surrounds himself with. Well, one can do so as long as one hasn’t been corrupted into believing that we must only judge the worthless piece of filth based upon his choice of racial identity and, therefor, lower the standards of expectations.

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