Biden Gets 3 And 2 Nudges

Biden Gets 3 And 2 Nudges
Biden Gets 3 And 2 Nudges

The Daily Caller has repeatedly contacted all 50 Democrat Senators and asked if them they would support Joe Biden in his 2024 bid to continue his stay in office. Only five said that they would and two of those damned Biden with faint support and nudges towards making their support a moot point.

Now, to start with, the Daily Caller is just another media outlet and not to be truly trusted. A case in point being that they do not mention how many of those Democrat Senators even responded to their queries, making it sound instead as if they had responded that they did support keeping Creepy Uncle Joe in the White House.

Hence, I’m going to ignore the numbers they’ve presented and focus on the, to me, more interesting nudges that were made:

Delaware Sen. Chris Coon’s spokesperson referred to an earlier interview where Coon said, “I can understand why he might think running for reelection is a good idea,” and further told the Daily Caller, “Yes, If President Biden runs, he’ll support him.”

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker’s spokesperson also said the senator would endorse Biden, noting, “Yes, Senator Booker supports President Biden for re-election should he run again in 2024.”

Coon’s passive-aggressive “I can understand why…” and both his and Booker’s, comments about if Biden should run for re-election as a preface to their endorsement, say a lot about Biden’s lack of support amongst his fellow Dems. They almost seem as if they’re hoping things will change and that Biden chooses not to run.

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