Biden Can #MAGA

Biden Can #MAGA
He And His Sort Just Won't
Biden Can #MAGA
He And His Sort Just Won’t

It’s the simple truth. Biden can #MAGA. He could go great lengths towards making America great again, and fulfilling many of his sort’s supposed goals, by either leaving our country and taking his constituency with him or, better for everyone by far, taking direct action in pursuit of Les Knight’s Voluntary Human Extinction movement. πŸ˜‰

But, as we’ve seen and heard for years, and years, and years, they just won’t do either. They will neither voluntarily emigrate away from our shores nor will they of their own volition remove themselves from the population in a more permanent manner, even though a number of their governments would actually help them do so. They just won’t do it.

Admittedly, with the exception of their wealthy celebrities, they would find it extremely hard to emigrate. Expatriating as an American is more than a little difficult since almost every other First World nation, and a number of Second World ones, have immigration policies that are orders of magnitude more stringent and limiting that America does – though this is changing thanks to COVID-19’s effect upon remote work.

But, it’s a simple fact that Biden and those who support him could Make America Great Again by removing themselves by one means or another from within our borders but they won’t do so. This is because they don’t want a renewed, restored, better, greater America – quite the opposite. They won’t leave because they want to tear America down and reshape into a weaker, poorer, lesser state which the Developing World can use as a cash cow.

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