BTW About Texas…

Remember how Bill Clinton described Texas as a Do or Die race for his wife’s campaign. He specifically pointed out to the crowd that winning in both Texas and Ohio were prerequisites for Hillary gaining the Democratic nomination.

If she wins Texas and Ohio I think she will be the nominee. If you don’t deliver for her, I don’t think she can be. It’s all on you.

— Former US president Bill Clinton
February 20th, 2008, Beaumont, TX

Well, after a long delay, the final results from Texas are at last counted and recorded. Obama won Texas. Hillary lost! Though Clinton won more delegates than Obama in the Texas Primaries – 65 to 61, Obama won more delegates in the Texas Caucuses – 38 to 29.

Final Texas Totals:

  • Barack Obama won 99 Texas delegates
  • Hillary Clinton won 94 Texas delegates

One has to wonder what Hillary will do now – besides taking Bill to task for making such an ill-advised statement in Beaumont, TX. A lot of publicity surrounded Bill’s Do or Die claim, and it looked at first like Hillary had pulled it off – albeit by the slimmest of margins. Now that it has been shown that she did in fact lose Texas, one can be assured that there will be an even greater media storm over her husband’s comment.

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4 Responses to “BTW About Texas…”

  1. Aafke Says:

    It ís getting exiting! I’ve never been so interested before in the American elections.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Neither has anyone else in quite a while, Aafke.

  3. beltwaysnark Says:

    I think Bill’s problem is that he’s been on the good shit since Hil started running for POTUS. He needs to share with the rest of the Dems.

  4. jonolan Says:

    Welcome, beltwaysnark!

    It’s certainly possible that Bill has been “bogarting” the “good shit.” LOL!

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