She’s A Bit Narcissistic

Narcissistic Hottie
She’s A Bit Narcissistic But That’s OK
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Yeah, it’s true. She’s a bit narcissistic, but that’s both OK and understandable. She’s more than quite cute and quite beautiful as well. A bit – or more than a bit – of self-love seems appropriate to me. 😉

But, what’s sad is how few, especially among the younger Millennials and Gen Z won’t get the humor in this. Since actually teaching classical art is now “racist,” not many under 45 are going to recognize this work as a riff upon- or homage to Carvaggio’s “Narcissus.” Even worse, since they’ve also decided that teaching Greek history and mythology is “racist,” the broken, younger generations don’t even have the education to know who Narcissus was!

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One Response to “She’s A Bit Narcissistic”

  1. Tyler, the Portly Politico Says:

    Yet, ironically, many of these ignorant young students ARE narcissists!

    And agreed: very cute babe, with an ass worth gazing at for extended periods of time. Ay caramba!

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