Give ‘Em The Bird

When it comes to drinking there’s always been associated with good, solid American bourbon – a uniquely American liquor that also provides the character for many of the world’s other spirits – an open honesty and denial of the false propriety that borders on the effete and disingenuous.

This is pointed up with great humor and delicious irreverence in Wild Turkey’s latest commercial.

Wild Turkey – Give ‘Em The Bird!

Brash it may seem – both Wild Turkey’s bourbon and the advertisement – and flagrant in its disregard for subtlety and coyness, but those are hallmarks of the great culture that is America, and should not a people’s spirits be a reflection and distillation of their spirits?

Enjoy responsibly, with neither more nor less moderation than your desires, constitution, and circumstances require – but always remember, especially when a beautiful woman buys you a drink, that “whiskey dick” is real, pernicious, and nobody’s friend.

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    Very funny.

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