Show Some Respect

To all my Conservative readers,

Barack Obama will suspend campaigning for a day and a half so that he can fly to Hawaii to be at the side of his gravely ill grandmother, a campaign aide said late Monday.

Madelyn Dunham, 86, was released from the hospital at the end of last week and returned to her home in Honolulu with a health condition the aide described only as “very serious.”

Please show some respect for his family as we would hope others would show to ours.  Back off a bit unless his surrogates take the fight to us in his absence.

We are better than those who would use something like this against a candidate.

If you worship a God or Goddess or both, please add your prayers for Obama’s grandmother’s recovery or easy passing.

Thank you,


P.S.: Thank you to Chamay0 for posting the notice, though she has less than favorable expectations from McCain and we Conservatives.

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3 Responses to “Show Some Respect”

  1. RS Says:

    How wise and so peaceful this post…

  2. Kelly Mahan Jaramillo Says:

    And from your Democratic reader –
    Thank you – maybe if enough of us with opposite views but the same sense of decency can find each other, that might be the kind of healing this planet sorely needs.


  3. jonolan Says:

    It’s doubtful that it’ll happen. Sometimes I think that I’m too old school for modern politics. I believe in a “no holds barred” political debate, but there are things – things outside of the political arena – that should be left alone. Obama’s traveling to Hawaii to visit his gravely ill grandmother is one of those things.

    Sadly some people – so far just some Hillary die-hards – are already concocting stories about this trip. I’m fairly sure that’ll expand, though I doubt that McCain’s official campaign will get involved.

    Then, on the Left side of the country Obama’s supporters are already calling for immediate preemptive strikes against McCain, Palin and the Right in the expectation of such vileness – so I guess they’re not quite so dead set against the “Bush Doctrine” as they have claimed to be.

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