Bud Light Bois & Gurls

Bud Light Bois & Gurls
Bud Light Bois & Gurls Date Differently

The new, incoming Bud Light bois and gurls date and have intercourse a bit differently than the currently on the way out the door customers. And this is what Bud Light’s VP of Marketing, Alissa Heinerscheid was shooting for. Apparently, she feels the need to move Bud Light from competing with Coors and Miller and into the White Claw marketspace. 😆

My only questions for Heinerscheid is how can you make something attractive to men and women when you obvious can’t define either and seem quite confused about the whole gender thing; and, how you be inclusive by alienating the entirety of your current customer base and insulting them in response to complaints?

But hey! It’s not like Bud Light is “cis-beer” in the first place. 😉

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