Bikini Interlude 66

Bikini Interlude – Keep Sunning Edition

At the time of this post, it’s still Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. So, just a little reminder to you all to continue to enjoy your bikini and to keep sunning.

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Summer Sunflowers


The Beauty Of Summer Sunflowers
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While all flowers have a certain beauty and all of them provide a certain sort of pleasure and mind and soul healing, there’s just something extra special about sunflowers. As you can easily see, there’s a reason why sunflowers have long been associated with fertility.

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Wetter Is Better

It’s Summer! I Think We Can Agree, Wetter Is Better

It’s seriously summertime in the Northern Hemisphere. And it’s pretty damn hot too, even here in NYC – though that’s normal and part of the city’s history. But, this means that I’m pretty damn sure everyone, even the Liberals and Progressives – possibly even the Feminists – can agree on is that wetter is better in this weather. 😀

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Love The Ones Who Fish

Love The Ones Who Fish! I Certainly Do!

It’s not only Summer, when a lot of people limit their fishing to, it’s a three-day, holiday weekend for a lot of us in America. So, fishing seems like a great thing to do at least one of the days. And, if your woman loves to fish too, cleave unto her, marry her, and never let her go… or be an ass or bitch when she reels more or larger fish than you do. 😉

Love the ones who fish, for they are the living, breathing, beautiful proof of the Gods’ providence, mercy, and love.

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Will They Allow Sports?

Will They Allow Sports?

With Spring and warmer weather being here – or near enough to see it in our minds – I’m forced to wonder the groaning sheeple of our ongoing zombie apocalypse will allow sports any time in the foreseeable future.

Personally, living near several fine city parks where various sporting activities have a long, beautiful history of amateur sporting, I’d miss such gatherings. After all, it’s not just young men whose fantasies turn toward sports – and the sporty babes involved – as the weather warms up. 😉

Of course, the above is either a rhetorical question or one thrown up to the God(s). It’s not as if herds can answer this.

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