Skin In The Game

Consider how different things would have been if we’d somehow managed to limit the voting in the 2012 elections to only those with “skin in the game.” If that election had been contained to only those who actually pay federal income tax, it would have looked quite different.

Taxpayer-Only Vote In 2012
Taxpayer-Only Vote In 2012

This goes a long ways towards showing how worthless and destructive the warm body franchise is to America. It also goes an equally long ways towards showing exactly why the Democrats fight so viciously against anything that might limit voting privileges.

Limit voting to only taxpayers might not be the best way of ending the warm body franchise but, as the chart clearly shows, the system we have now is a case of taxation without real representation with all the consequences that implies.

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Warm Body Franchise

BallotUniversal suffrage has not served America well. It was a foolish dream to think that it would once the masses learned that they could vote themselves “bread and circuses.”

This idea that most all titularly adult American citizens should be granted their franchise without any regard for any sort of merit or flaw whatsoever is an idea that reached fruition in 1965. It’s done little but harm since then.

It is past time for America to put this damaging foolishness behind us and to recommence correctly thinking of suffrage or enfranchisement as the privilege to be earned and a duty to be exercised instead of a right to enjoyed by any and all.

Currently American law states that no US citizen having attained the age of 18 years can be denied their franchise due to their religion, race, gender, age, or failure to pay taxes or fees. These are all laudable provisions of the law because not a single one of those criteria has anything to due with personal merit or the ability of the person in question to responsibly exercise their franchise.

There are still a plethora of means by which we can regulate suffrage in order to ensure a baseline competence and responsibility within the electorate, all of which are based upon non-discriminatory displays or proofs of merit.

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