The Next Deployment

Silhouette of Soldier in Front of US FlagAn American serviceman, be he or she a soldier, sailor, or Marine, is always somewhat concerned about what and where their next deployment will be. Their families are even more concerned about such things.

It’s a matter of grave importance to them.

My educated guess is that there’s a good chance that many of our servicemen and servicewomen will soon be deployed to the Sinai Peninsula in accordance with the 1981 Protocol to the Treaty of Peace.

Interactive Map of Sinai Peninsula With Zones of Control

How bad and dangerous duty in Sinai Peninsula will be will be determined largely by what happens in Egypt in the wake of the insurrectionists ousting President Mubarek.

How long the deployments will be is anyone’s guess but I would expect a significant increase in personnel for Task Force Sinai to happen soon – small increases have already happened in the last month – and the increased levels of force to be maintained until at least the 2012 Presidential Elections.

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