Bill & Loretta – Plane Talk

Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton met privately in the back of a private plane in Phoenix, AZ, Monday, June 27, 2016 and shared a 20-25 minute encounter. This, of course, instantly caused Hillary a lot of headaches since Loretta as the AG is titularly heading the investigation into Hillary’s mishandling of sensitive documents.

Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch meet privately
Bill Clinton and Laura Lynch Meet Privately

What I don’t understand is why everyone is quick to jump on the idea that this was an example of corruption on Lynch’s part and further proof that the Obama Regime will do anything to ensure that Donald Trump doesn’t become POTUS. There are other reasons why Bill and Laura might meet on an airport’s tarmac and duck into the back of a handy plane. 😉

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Oath Of Offal

Or should that be oath of offal
Loretta Lynch – Oath Of Offal

The Senate voted Thursday, April 23, 2015 to confirm Loretta Lynch as the next attorney general, replacing outgoing Eric Holder as the head of the Obama Regime’s Department of Race-based Social Injustice. So, thanks to a exuberance of political sausage making on the part of GOP defectors, this piece of offal will soon be sworn in.

Then, since 2008 American politics have born a greater and greater resemblance to cuisine as Obama’s politics, like cuisine, is predicated upon making trash palatable to the public.

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