To all my Conservative and Republican readers,

We are now the Opposition. As our opponents shouted so stridently over the last eight years, dissent is patriotic. So I give you this message:

Resist - Obamicon
Do Not Go Quietly Into that Dark Night

Resist! Dissent! Be the Opposition in every proper and true way. Use your voice, your wealth, and your vote to struggle against the political, financial, and cultural ruination of America. But do not loose sight of your goals. Do not fall into the trap of sedition and cultural treason. Do not dissent for the sake of dissent and partisan political ambition; only rage against that which is truly wrong. Do not do as the They have done.

😉 Think of the image above every night before sleeping and ask yourself what you’ve done that day. If you can sleep with the thought that that face might be displeased with you then you’re a braver soul than I – and it’s my avatar!

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